February 16, 2023 4 min read

Excessive hair is a classic challenge many people face today. If you’ve decided to invest in an IPL hair removal laser handset to help with this challenge, congratulations!

IPL laser hair removal devices are effective, time-saving, and budget-friendly but can quickly damage without proper maintenance. So, how do you maintain IPL at home so they last long? Let’s find out!

Does IPL Require Maintenance?

Maintaining IPL laser hair removal devices is essential.

IPL devices are designed with flashes that indicate how long you can use them before they no longer work for your needs. Most IPL devices have about 250,000 flashes, which can last for more than 10 years, while some come with flashes up to 500,000 and last for more than 20 years.

Still, like every mechanical device, IPL at-home hair removal handsets are damaged even before they reach their expected lifespan when used carelessly. When they damage, you lose the positive benefits it offers to help with excessive hair removal.

IPL laser care ensures your devices last as long as required to help you achieve your skincare goals.

How Often Do You Need To IPL For Maintenance?

 IPL sessions will differ for everyone, but generally, you should avoid using your handheld device daily.

Daily use will significantly decrease the number of flashes on your device and can even cause negative side effects on your skin.

If you’ve just invested in an IPL device, limit its usage to once a week for the first 12 weeks to keep it long-lasting. Once you’ve passed this initial stage, do IPL hair removal maintenance routines once every month.

At this stage, maintaining the results after the first 12 weeks is often the goal. Hence, a monthly maintenance treatment will ensure your IPL device serves its purpose to its full potential.

How to Use IPL Hair Removal on Bikini Area

IPL device effectively removes excess hair on the body. While this is true, removing excess hair on intimate body parts like the bikini can be painful. Hair around the bikini area has a thinner appearance and is nestled on sensitive skin. Plus, using the wrong technique can cause complications such as blistering, scarring, skin irritation, redness, pain, and bleeding.

When using IPL handsets on public areas like the bikini line, switching to smaller precision heads and using a stamping action can help you achieve visible before and after results while making the process painless.

Regardless, some useful IPL hair removal tips to consider when using your IPL devices on the bikini area to ensure IPL laser hair removal maintenance includes:

  • Always shave the bikini area before using the IPL device to give the laser flashes better access to the hair pigments
  • Don’t wax or pluck hair on the bikini line before the IPL treatment to avoid skin irritation
  • Place the device at a 90-degree angle with the head against the bikini area.
  • Always start with the lowest intensity light, working your way up to a comfortable range.
  • Move the device using small, circular motions. Do not make more than one pass over an area.

Can I Use IPL on Anus

The anus is a tricky part of the body, especially as its surrounding areas are hard to reach. Like the bikini line, it is quite sensitive as it is composed of the perineum – a small and thin strip of skin with the potential to feel sensations more than most parts of the body. Due to its sensitive nature, using IPL handsets on the anus may seem impossible, but experts reveal that it really isn’t.

The anus can be effectively treated for excessive hair growth using your IPL public hair laser hair removal devices. Using IPL devices on the anus saves you the trouble of removing tricky hair on hard-to-reach areas around the anus.

That being said, avoid repetitive movements over the areas surrounding the anus as the laser lights may cause inflammation and make your anus a bit more sensitive to the touch, especially when you try to sit.

How to Use IPL Hair Removal on Face

Performing IPL facial rejuvenation treatment at home can seem daunting without an expert to guide you, but with the right use and care tips, you can achieve a radiant complexion in no time.

Here are some laser hair removal tips for the face you can practice to ensure effective results and keep your handheld devices working optimally.

  • Ensure your face is clean and dry
  • Follow manufacturers recommendations
  • Apply gentle pressure and avoid overlapping motions when using your handheld device on the face.
  • Adjust the intensity level to suit your skin and hair color
  • Avoid holding the device on areas around the eyes

Final Thoughts
IPL laser hair removal devices are effective tools to achieve that silky, soft, and smooth skin you desire without the hassle of traditional processes of waxing or shaving, but using the device wrongly can take a toll on your beauty goals.

From preparing the skin to using the device once every week, obeying the manufacturer's recommendations, holding the device correctly, and using the right intensity level, IPL lair removal maintenance is an important step everyone should practice ensuring they get satisfactory results worth the investment.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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