Different Hair Removal Methods and What is the Best

November 28, 2022 4 min read

One way or the other, everyone has some unwanted hair on their body, from the upper lip to the cheeks, chin, chest, legs, arms, fingers, and toes.

Of course, excess hair on the body can be due to genetic reasons. But, studies have shown that some hormones, steroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause excessive hair growth in the body.
The good news is that there are several tried and trusted hair removal methods to help get rid of excessive hair on the body. Continue reading to find the different hair removal methods and which will best work for you.

1. Shaving, The most Common Hair Removal Methods

Shaving is one of the easiest, cheapest and fast methods to get unwanted hair off the body. It is ideal for all skin types and hair textures.
The best part of this method is that it works effectively for every body part, from the legs to the underarms and more intimate areas. Plus, with this method, all you need to do is get a sharp razor and use clean strokes to get the hair out. Just mind how you use the sharp blades because you can easily leave razor bumps and cuts.
Another drawback of this method is that it isn't long-lasting and promotes ingrown hair. When you use the shaving technique, you can expect hair regrowth between one to three days for wet shaving and 24 hours for dry shaving.

2. Tweezing, a Painful and Slow Method to Remove Your Hair

Also known as plucking, tweezing is one of the most painful hair removal methods, as it involves pulling out hairs from its root. It comes in handy if you only have a few hairs to remove, especially around the eyebrows. Tweezing can be a slow and arduous process because it tackles a hair at a time. So, if you want a less time-consuming method, you want to avoid this method as much as possible.
That being said, if you are a perfectionist and can’t live with unruly strands, a tweezer can come in handy. Just hold the tweezer between the forefinger and thumb. Then, tug. You should not, however, use this method for large areas as it promotes scarring and ingrown hairs.

3. Depilatory Creams, a Simple Hair Removal Option

These are basically hair removal creams. It is a simple method to get rid of hair but leaves a mess. So, you want to use this method in the bathroom.
Compared to all other hair removal options, depilatory creams are hands down the least painful. Plus, they leave no scars, razor bumps, or cause injuries. Depilatory creams work effectively on large areas, such as the legs, arms, and chest. All you need do is apply the cream over the treatment area, leaving it to sit for the recommended time frame. Then, get a plastic scraper to remove hair and wash off the cream with water.
Like shaving, depilatory creams won’t remove hair from its roots. So, you can expect to see regrowth between 24 hours to two days.

4. Waxing, a Multi-purpose Treatment to Remove Hair

Waxing, like tweezing, leaves a painful sensation but makes the treatment area feel smooth. An advantage of this method is that it is multi-purposed. You can use it on eyebrows, all over the body, and even for head hair. But, brace yourself because more intimate areas are quite sensitive. So, they are more likely to hurt. The wax is best used in moderate temperatures to prevent burns on the skin. Also, make sure to pull against the hair growth. With this technique, you enjoy long-lasting results.

5. Electrolysis, Removing Hair with Needles

This hair removal method combines micro-current and micro-needling features to help remove hair. It does this by sending electric waves to the hair follicles, which destroys unwanted hair from their roots.
The biggest advantage of electrolysis is that it works on any body part, every skin tone, and hair type. However, it can be painful, and individuals with black skin are more prone to effects like thick scar cells that may form after electrolysis sessions.

6. Epilation, Hair Removal Device

The Epilation technique uses a machine-operated hair removal device to loosen stubborn hair follicles, which act like tweezers to pluck the hair out. This process is quite painful but offers long-term effects (up to 4 weeks) and less regrowth over time, as it removes hair from its root. Still, be sure to carry out this process in the shower because it can leave a mess.

7. IPL Hair Removal

This method offers the longest-lasting results than all other hair removal treatments. It uses an IPI laser hair removal handset to destroy hair follicles from their roots.

Generally, it requires various sessions between 4 to 6 weeks apart to get desired results. However, people love these hair removal devices because they work effectively on coarse hair and dark skin.
The only drawback to using an IPI device at home is that the treatment can b expensive. However, from the face to the toes, using this hair removal IPI at home will be the best and most effective hair removal remedy to shed unruly hair and prevent regrowth.


Excess hair on intimate body parts can be frustrating to see each day, but as humans, you can’t avoid it because 95% of the human body is covered with hair. However, it’s easy to eliminate them using hair removal methods like IPI laser beams, epilation, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, shaving, and depilatory creams. Then again, you will enjoy the most convenient, long-lasting, and smooth effects when they use IPI hair removal handsets.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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