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Are you looking for a way to improve your facial appearance? Does sagging and wrinkled skin scare you? Don't worry; you're not alone.

Every year, millions of people worldwide undergo reconstructive surgery, while some opt for non-surgical face-sculpt tools in their pursuit of eternal youth. However, while these two options have their perks you may want to explore both to know which works best for your needs.

Let’s dive in to learn more about face sculpting kits and facelift surgery.

How Do I Decide If I Need A Facelift?

A facelift surgery uses surgical incisions to lift and tighten the skin around the face and neck for a firm and rejuvenated appearance. Among other things, it is an effective cosmetic procedure for longer-lasting facial rejuvenation, making it great for people with sagging skin, moderate to severe wrinkles, and skin folds. Still, there’s a catch! This procedure isn’t suitable for everyone.

Several factors can help you determine whether you need a facelift. However, the most important is your age and health.

1. Consider Your Health

One of the first things to consider when deciding on a facelift surgery is your physical health. The best candidates for a facelift are healthy people. A facelift won’t be a good option for people with unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits and those who weigh less than their standard weight. Why? They can't heal fast, and this may lead to post-surgical complications.

More than this, you may also not be a good candidate for this procedure if you have serious health problems such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, bleeding disorder, and diabetes.

2. Age

Before you decide on a facelift, you also have to consider your age. While this procedure provides a youthful glow, facelift cosmetic surgery won’t delay the natural aging process. Facelift surgery is only a temporary fix for your appearance. If you choose to do a facelift in your 20s or 30s, it may last only 5 to 10 years, and you may require more procedures to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In short, while facelift cosmetic surgery may offer more pronounced results to loose skin care troubles, it comes with several clauses that a large number of the population cannot afford to risk, especially when it concerns their health and age.
The best face procedure won’t pose these limitations. So, what is the best face procedure to consider? Non-surgical-facelift.

What Is A Non-Surgical Facelift?

 In simple words, a non-surgical facelift is a facelift without surgery at home. It does not involve going under the knife like traditional facelift surgery. However, it won’t offer similar dramatic results that surgical facelift promises. Regardless, they help you target wrinkles, deep creases, skin tone and texture problems, and loss of facial volume.

How Long Does a Non-Surgical Facelift Last

The effects vary depending on the strength of the procedure. Some last as long as 6 months, while others last longer.

Then again, opting for this treatment means you are not guaranteed a long-lasting and permanent solution for sagging and wrinkled skin. It also means that you may need to do follow-up treatments every few months for a long-lasting result.

Non-Surgical Facelift Cost

 This procedure does not come at a one-size-fits-all cost since its different variants are tailored to diverse needs. Still, the average cost of non-surgical treatments will range from $150 to $10,000, depending on the type of treatment and length of treatment section.

What Is The Most Effective Non-Surgical Facelift?

This facelift treatment comprises injectables, like Botox and Xeomin, to dermal fillers, like Bellafill and Sculptra, and skin-tightening techniques, like micro-needling.

Besides this, experts also use non-surgical skin resurfacing procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing to achieve and younger glow and help tighten the skin.

Each of these types of processes addresses sagging and wrinkled skin troubles. For instance, Botox helps smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers can correct the appearance of sagging skin. On the other hand, macro0needling uses radio waves to create firm and smooth skin, while microdermabrasion provides exfoliating effects for good skin tone and texture.

However, most people may react negatively to some of these treatments. For instance, botox may cause common side effects like flu-like symptoms, eyelid dropping, occasional headaches, and bruising. Plus, they last for three to four months.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, last around 6 to 12 months but can cause side effects such as infection and rarely, tissue death and blindness. Like dermal fillers, chemical peels cause serious side effects like infections and can also lead to skin coloration and scarring.

Other skin tightening techniques, such as a laser face lifting device can take up to 6 months to promote skin rejuvenation but comes with effects like swelling and redness. Microdermabrasion also poses these risk threats, especially if you take isotretinoin (Accutane) acne medication before the procedure.

Regardless, these non-surgical procedures provide similar perks. Hence, choosing the most effective one can be a challenge. But, don’t worry, you’ve got an alternative!

What Is The Best Alternative To A Facelift?


Expert dermatologists and skin care professionals often recommend face sculpting kits as a suitable alternative to a facelift.

Face sculpting at home uses micro-vibrations to effectively lift sagging skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and skin dimpling. It is a non-invasive facelift treatment suitable for all skin types and without the multiple risks of other non-surgical procedures.

So, which is the best option for you; face sculpting treatments or facelift surgery? Still can’t make up your mind? Here are some face sculpting kit reviews to help you out

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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