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No matter the age or gender, everyone invests in skin care routines from exfoliation to using face serums and tropical action creams that promise a blemish-free complexion. Still, while these skin care products are unique among other cosmetic treatments, many medical professionals advise using skin rejuvenation products like IPL (Intense Pulse Light) devices that offer UV and laser protection over other cosmetic options. Wonder why? Let’s find out.

The Benefits of IPL Photofacial Devices at Home

With so many cosmetic creams currently available, combating your skin problems, as well as improving your skin conditions, can be difficult. So, if you’re wondering why IPL photo facial at home is a skin rejuvenation treatment medical professionals encourage people to use, here’s why.

1. Cosmetic Laser Home Care can Help Treat Sun Damage

According to the American Cancer Society, ultraviolet radiation can cause long-term skin damage. Yet, most people don’t know that UV light, especially from sun rays, is an enemy they should avoid since it accelerates aging symptoms. From breaking down collagen in human skin that promotes younger cells, making it weaker to causing wrinkles, sagging skin, actinic keratosis, and age spots that make the skin appear weathered, long-term exposure to sunlight will cause the skin to deteriorate, making it look aged.

Laser treatment at home with IPL devices combats sun damage to the skin by performing deep exfoliation, which helps remove dead and discolored cells on the skin. This procedure will not only get rid of dark spots but restore an even, glowing complexion. How? Once the deep exfoliation is performed, and dark cells are no longer a threat, new collagen forms making your skin look younger, line and wrinkle-free, and glowing.

2. Intense Pulse Light can Remove Unwanted Hairs on the Body

The neck, legs, arms, underarms, chest, face, and pelvic region are the most common body parts that often sprout excessive hair growth, making people less confident in their bodies. IPL devices combat this challenge. It removes hair by targeting the melanin in dark hair follicles down to its roots, causing it to heat. When the hair shafts take much of this heat energy, they become brittle, die, and fall off, leaving that part of the skin without hair for a long time.
It means that IPL handsets won't just cut away the hair on the topmost part of your skin. Instead, it removes hair by killing it from its root, leaving it without a source to grow again.

IPL handset kit for hair removal works pretty slowly, unlike traditional cosmetic procedures like waxing, shaving, and tweezing. However, its slow speed may be its winning point as it gradually eliminates hair on your body, while offering a long-term solution to excessive hair growth than most hair removal products. So, if you have excessive hair on several body parts, treating them with intense pulsed light will keep your skin hairless and glowing.

3. IPL Photofacial can Treat Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is often caused by exposure to the sun. That means you are more likely to notice them on your neck, face, hands, and legs. When pigmentation occurs, it can also make people look aged than they actually are. Fortunately, IPL therapy can eliminate this skin condition.
If you’ve had pigmentation before, you know how tricky it can be to treat as it often appears in patches and clusters. IPL therapy effectively eliminates hyperpigmentation by targeting the melanin to break up cells and lighten the dark patches on the skin.

4. It Eliminates Acne

Acne is a common skin condition in youths and teens. In most cases, acne never goes away with age. Whether you have mild to severe acne conditions, IPL devices get rid of them.

IPL performs this function thanks to its unique wavelengths and pulses. These pulses remove acne by destroying the bacteria, around the region with acne, reducing the size of the swollen acne lesions and paralyzing overactive oil glands in the skin that promotes acne formation, so you never have to worry about these small pores filled boils on your face.

5. Intense Pulse Light Therapy is an Excellent Anti Aging Treatment

Besides its other benefits, Intense Pulse Light also can prevent premature skin aging.

Fine lines and wrinkles are sure signs of aging typical in older people, but that doesn't mean the younger generation is free of this condition. Research shows that people in their 20s and 30s also notice fine lines appearing on their faces. Three of the biggest reasons premature aging may happen to you is due to stress, sun damage, and genetics. Regardless, IPL devices at home therapy can prevent anti-aging.

It does this by encouraging collagen production, a vital protein that helps you maintain a youthful and glowing appearance by giving your skin a more elastic quality. As your skin produces more collagen, the visible folds and creases causing wrinkles will relax back into their original position, making the skin look young. However, to make the most of the IPL photo facial anti-aging qualities, sun exposure should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

The biggest advantage of IPL at-home devices is that they can target melanin from the root and even lighten them. These abilities mean they can remove unwanted hair with ease and ensure even skin tones so that skin rejuvenation won't be so far from you. Then again, if you have skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, using an IPL device may not be a good move as it may cause inflammation. Still, if you’re concerned about your skin problems like premature aging, pigmentation, acne, sunburn, and excessive hair, IPL treatment won’t present a challenge like most cosmetic products. It even promises painless healing.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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