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Range of IPL Hair Removal Treatments Prices

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology has been around since 1992 and has become a popular tool used by dermatologists and beautician parlors for common skin issues like excessive hair growth. It is no wonder many dermatologists charges as high as $500 to $1,200 or more for IPL hair removal treatment.

For many people, a price like this seems reasonable since IPL helps them fight their skin imperfections. But, some people often lament the price of obtaining this treatment. So, the question is, is IPL really worth the money? Let’s find out.

How IPL Hair Removal Kit at Home Works

IPL works uniquely from regular hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, and tweezing. It completely stops hair from growing from its root by using light pulse light energy, which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, flows down to the hair roots, and weakens the hair follicles, so they uproot easily.

A kit like this makes your grooming routine straightforward. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or redness and bumps that come with traditional hair removal treatments.

Why Would IPL at Home Device be Worth It?

Most people don’t like that they have to wait for several sessions to see results. IPL treatment is repetitive and will only work well if one continues their treatment for up to four sessions.

As exhausting as this may sound, a good reason why IPL at-home devices will be worth the money is that they are affordable, the process is smooth, and you enjoy convenience at its peak from the privacy and security of your home.

IPL at Home Price

As mentioned earlier, professional laser hair removal from the dermatologist's office will cost as high as $1,200 after the full session. One session may range as high as $150 depending on the treatment area. Contrary to this, an IPL hair removal kit at home cost nothing as high as this. Its price typically ranges from $100 to $250. So, you save money when you laser at home.

IPL At Home is a Smooth Process

Another reason why IPL treatment at home may be worth it is that it is relatively painless and straightforward. All it involves is turning on the device and placing the pulse light over the treatment area, and you will feel a slight zap of energy, which doesn’t feel anything like the pain from waxing. Even if your feel slight pain, it’s most likely because you are slightly more sensitive.

So, once the light gets into your skin and reaches the root of the hair, it gradually detangles it from the skin, preventing rapid growth or any further regrowth.

The simple way to look at it is 'Zap, Rest, Repeat, and Fall.' But, the best part of this process that makes it smooth is you won't have to endure any pulling that leaves painful sensations like waxing or small bumps and red skin caused by shaving and tweezing. Just apply light and you will see the hair on the treatment area reduce drastically after each treatment.

IPL Handset - Convenience at Its Peak

Besides its straightforward solution, it is also worth noting that IPL handsets remove the constraints of visiting the dermatologist's office. IPL at home price is far cheaper than what professionals charge for each session.

So, while IPL does seem like a lot of up-front investment, the biggest advantage of IPL is that you will save money laser at home long-term on a single hair removal product than constantly seeking professional help, cosmetic or medical-grade aesthetic products that won’t work. Plus, most IPL handsets often come with 12 months warranty. So, you know you are more assured that the handset will meet your expectations. Besides this, you will be saving precious time too.

So, Is IPL at Home Device Worth It?

Yes, IPL hair removal treatments are often effective. So, they are worth the price. Studies have shown that IPL treatment can reduce hair growth around treatment areas by 90%. So, the treatment will remove the tedious work of re-shaving or waxing after every few weeks. This alone makes the process worth it for many. Plus, it helps people build their self-confidence. However, the results can take a while to show.

Once you have had your first treatment, you start noticing the hair on your skin reduces as they fall off. Sure, more stubborn hairs will stick around for some time. Still, with constant treatment, they join the pile of hair on the floor in no time. But, you need to complete at least four to six sessions, with each done four weeks apart, to see results.

Other Facts About IPL at Home Hair Removal Device

You already know why IPL is worth the investment, but there's more to it than being a hair removal treatment. IPL at-home devices can also be used to treat skin conditions like dark spots, varicose veins, acne scars chronic sun damage, and rosacea. It also helps improve skin texture, manage fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.


Hair removal, like waxing, shaving, and tweezing, can be painful, inconvenient, and irritating. But IPL does not come with these cons. It gives you a way to skip the regrowth and repeat your hair removal routine. IPL hair removal kit at home is smooth, convenient, stress-free, and time-saving. So, it is definitely worth the investment.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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