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Laser hair removal is conquering more and more men who want to get rid of unwanted hair and stop depending on the shaving blade. That's because lasers are the best technology for effective hair removal, with the best results. And there are several areas of the body that men choose to have laser hair removal!

The areas most sought after by men for laser hair removal are the beard, chest, abdomen, back, shoulders, beard area and the back of the neck. The benefits of lasering these areas and other parts of the body go beyond the convenience of hair removal and include: treating folliculitis, or ingrown hairs; saving time; financial savings – investing in 10 laser sessions avoids spending on shavers, blades and creams for the rest of your life; and adherence to a more sustainable hair removal method, which generates minimal waste to the environment.

Modern man seeks practicality in his daily life and, let's face it, constantly shaving is not practical at all, right?

In addition, other factors have made this demand only increase. And that's why we're going to talk about the benefits of male laser hair removal.

The most common depilatory methods are: wax, cream, blade, electric machine and laser. For those looking for the best cost-benefit, in addition to other advantages, laser hair removal is the best choice! In such a way that the technique does not cause damage to the skin, like the others, and still reduces hair permanently.

The pain level of laser hair removal is very similar to that of waxing and the results are already visible in the first sessions. The method is fast, safe and can be performed on almost all skin types.

Other reasons that lead men to laser hair removal are: a beard that grows too fast; excess hair on the back; hair that grows sparsely on the chest, abdomen, or back; decrease the bad odor of the armpits, due to the sweat retained in the hair; or keep your neck straight and your hair neatly cut, as the hair on the nape of the neck grows quickly, which requires more frequent visits to the barber or hairdresser.

Greater comfort for practicing sports is also pointed out as an advantage of the laser by athletes who want to improve their performance, eliminating hair from their chests, arms and legs (such as swimmers, surfers or cyclists) and who therefore also seek laser hair removal.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal in Men

1. Practicality
It's the longest-lasting way to keep your waxing up to date, so it saves you time and money.

2. Hygiene
Excess hair can increase local humidity, making it conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.

3. Increased sports performance
Studies prove that smooth skin contributes to better performance in athletes. Hair removal decreases traction force and can reduce test time in running, swimming and cycling.

4. Enhances muscle tone
It's the longest-lasting way to keep your waxing up to date, so it saves you time and money.

5. Folliculitis
The method is the most efficient to treat the disease, by eliminating the hair follicles, and consequently the hair, avoiding inflammatory problems.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Some people may experience discomfort during the laser application, such as a burning sensation. The intensity of this discomfort varies from person to person, as it is a very individual matter. Menstrual cycle, stress or a lot of skin sensitivity can influence this sensation.

If you choose to do laser hair removal at home with the IPL Handset, it uses laser technology that emits rapid light pulses, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort, as it is pain free, most of the users say they feel a warm sensation on the skin.

How Does The IPL Works?


When the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is a modern type of laser hair removal used for long-term, pain-free hair removal is used on your hair, it absorbs the IPL which then heats and destroys the targeted hair cells. This causes hair regrowth to slow down significantly after each treatment.

It offers extremely long lasting results however no form of laser hair removal is permanent, even at the clinics. Just be careful when companies claim “permanent” hair removal, as this term technically means that there will be no regrowth of hair for 6 months. To maintain long-term results we advise using our Handset once a week for 8 weeks, then just once every few months for maintenance.

What are the risks of Laser Depilation?

Laser hair removal is not harmful to the skin and does not cause any kind of damage to health such as cancer or serious skin diseases.

Hair removal restrictions are always previously identified by the evaluation form in specialized clinics and must be in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's recommendations.

The side effects of Laser Hair Removal made in clinics can vary according to the degree of aggression.

Those damages that can happen immediately after or hours after the use of lasers – the so-called recent damages – they have good evolution and are:

  • Redness at the application site;
  • Swollen;
  • Discomfort.
These situations resolve spontaneously and without complications in the vast majority of sessions.

It is also worth remembering that transient damage tends to appear more on sensitive skin and disappears hours after each session.

The most serious damage is mostly due to incorrect handling of the equipment by unqualified professionals and clinics without ANVISA recognition.

Laser hair removal is harmful when it causes:

  • Burns with blisters;
  • Ulcer leading to bacterial infection;
  • Change in color/pigmentation;
  • Persistent redness.

There are some occasions you have to be careful before using the IPL, like if you have been tanning recently, it’s recommended to wait 2 weeks before using the handset, and also wait 48h to tan after using the IPL device.


Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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