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Your face contains over 50 different muscles, and unlike the rest of your body, many of your facial muscles are rarely used. Performing facial exercises regularly stimulates blood circulation to different areas of the face, thus replenishing the supply of oxygen in the muscles and skin. This results in glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Regular practice of facial exercises will keep your facial muscles in shape in the long run. In addition, regular exercise of the facial muscles improves blood flow and thus nourishes the skin cells with nutrients, leading to a stimulation of skin cell regeneration and the prevention of wrinkles.

There are different techniques that can be used that make small modifications in the facial structure. And this goes beyond the lower part of the face. There are procedures that reduce cheek fat, for example, and make the face better defined.

If you want to know how to modify the contour of your jaw without undergoing any surgery, keep reading this article. In it you will know which are the techniques that can be used in isolation or in association and still know the answers to the main questions about them.

Is it possible to sculpt the jaw?

Before talking about procedures to define the jaw, it is important to understand some things about the human body and understand whether it is really possible to modify this bone structure.

The jaw is a mobile bone that is part of our skull and is essential for our life, after all, it helps us to eat and speak. Over the years, there is bone loss, as well as muscle and skin elasticity, which makes this line more discreet. Currently, there are already surgeries that manage to modify the structure with the fixation of implants with titanium screws.

Despite not being a very complex surgery, I only recommend it for patients who really have a health problem, such as poor bone formation that impairs chewing and quality of life, for example.

For other cases, especially aesthetic ones, I suggest procedures that are not invasive, but also not definitive, such as those performed in facial harmonization. In addition to being much faster and safer, they still tend to have more complete results, since they work to strengthen bone, muscle and skin. Another option is to pursue more natural methods, such as facial exercises. Although they are efficient, they take longer to get results.

But it is worth mentioning that in both procedures what will change will not be the angle of the jaw itself, after all, it is a bone that is fixed in our body. What will become different will be the contour of the jaw, giving a completely new look to the face, making it less “chubby” and longer.

Facial Massage

A good facial massage can really put you to sleep. It is only through the power of one touch that we can relax as well as lift and tone our face. Like any other part of the body, our facial muscles also tense up and resist stress. Getting massages is a great way to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate.

They are the most natural way to relieve stress and sculpt the muscle tissues of your face and neck, to leave your skin youthful and vibrant. So, forget the elaborate anti-aging and lifting treatments, these facial massages are like natural botox treatments, without the needles and pain.

Facial massages increase blood flow to the face. This means that the massaged area receives more oxygen and this increases the production of collagen and elastin, the duo responsible for younger looking skin. Also, if uneven texture or dehydrated skin is your concern, facial messages are a boon for your skin.

Preparing your skin the right way before you massage it is 50% of the battle. See how you do it.

Step 1: clean

Start by washing your hands first. Then make a gentle cleanser and, with slow circular movements, wake up the muscles of the face and neck. Do this for at least one minute. After rinsing, dry your face with a microfiber towel. This ensures that whatever product you apply next is well absorbed into the skin and that there is no leftover mess.

Step 2: Hydrate

It's time to use your favorite moisturizer or face oil. Applying a generous amount of any of these will ensure that there is no tugging or pulling of the skin. Apply a thick layer of a hydrating moisturizer or, if you want to use an oil, take a little more than you usually do. You want your fingers to glide smoothly across your face.

Get ready to be a sculpture!

Ironically, to lift your face, you have to start by draining something. It's called lymphatic drainage. The lymph nodes are the depository for toxins that are released from your face. Lymphatic massage is a type of deep tissue massage that focuses on stimulating these lymph nodes, which leads to increased circulation and the elimination of toxins and waste. The aim is to focus on areas where fluid accumulates, where a lymphatic drainage massage will lead to muscle relaxation and the delivery of illuminating peptides and skin lifting.

This is how you do it:

You will feel your skin turn a little pink or red, that's okay. You will also feel that your face has become clear. Now that you've done the first stage of lymphatic drainage, let's move on to the massages.

1: For a flushed look

Using both hands, make upward strokes across the face towards the hairline. Start at the jaw line and work your way up. Don't apply too much pressure and gently slide your hands one after the other in this motion. Do this 15 times and repeat for the other side.

2: To erase the laugh lines

Use your fingertips to work your way up the entire midline of the face – starting at the chin – around the mouth – nose – to the forehead. Repeat this move for one minute to sculpt the nose area, relax the cheek muscles, and reduce laugh lines around the mouth.

3. For depuffing

Use the pointer and middle finger to gently remove the underside of the eyes. As this area is much more delicate than the rest of the face, we recommend going slower to avoid skin pulling. Start at the corner of your eye and move towards your temples. Then gently lift your eyebrow, hold it for 10 seconds and circle. Do these two massages alternately for 10 rounds.

4: For fuller lips

With the index finger and thumb, hold the lips, stretch and then knead very slowly. Also, step out of your mouth a little to relax your mouth muscles and avoid fine lines around your lips. This technique also helps to add volume to the lips.

5: To reduce puckering

Tackle the frown lines on the forehead by moving the fingertips in an up and down motion across the forehead. Start near the temples and gradually move towards the center of the forehead and then back out. Do this for a good minute. Do not hurry.

If you have some extra time, you can go through all the massage techniques one by one or end your pampering session here. Either way, you have a brighter, fresher face right there! Don't forget to drink water after the massage, this helps promote detoxification and helps with hydration.

Investing in face sculpting tools is a great option. You will find quality face sculpt kits on the market that promotes blood circulation and accelerate skin repair to improve skin elasticity. Incorporate these massages and the tools into your routine at least once a week to see a visible difference!



Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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