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The importance of maintaining a skin care routine goes beyond the aesthetic part, it is a matter of health. See how to adhere to this habit and what is the order of the products

Skin Care Tips on Social Media

Fans of beauty content are well aware that platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube accumulate skincare tutorials, sometimes produced by specialists, sometimes created by digital influencers. The themes are diverse and range from low-cost products to homemade recipes sold as the solution to skin disorders.

However, in addition to the excess material on the networks, talking responsibly about these precautions is essential, given that the subject involves health issues and aims to raise awareness about problems such as allergies, irritations, acne, blemishes, wrinkles and, above all, skin cancer.

The sun emits rays with high levels of ultraviolet radiation. This radiation affects the skin superficially (UVB rays) and more deeply (UVA rays), which can cause burns, injuries, allergies and also skin cancer.

Thus, people who are constantly exposed to the sun and stay that way for a long time are at greater risk of contracting the disease. The lack of use of sunscreen and long exposure to the sun are even more serious in people with light skin, eyes and hair. This is because they have less melanin in the body - a substance that offers natural protection to the skin.

Why not, then, focus on prevention? The use of sunscreen, for example, considerably reduces the risks of developing the disease and should be one of the protagonists of this routine. But after all, when and how to start skincare?

The care with your skin should start during childhood, with skin hydration to avoid allergies, and, from six months, with sun protection. And attention: not every adult product can be used in children, so a professional evaluation is essential.


The skincare of each period

In daytime routines, the following order applies: cleaning with the appropriate soap or gel for the type of skin; micellar water or tonic, which are optional; vitamin C or hyaluronic acid; hydration and sun protection. For oily faces, opt for soaps with salicylic acid; for normal, dry or sensitive skin, prefer the syndet type, which causes less irritation.

Read more about what is the best soap for your skin to understand what is your type of skin and use products that will make it look younger and smooth.

During this period, there is no need to use micellar water or tonic, if hygiene is done correctly. By the way, these items are responsible for removing the impurities that did not come out in the initial wash, the first being ideal for dry and sensitive skin and the second being more suitable for those with excess oiliness.

Regarding the use of vitamin C, there are skins with little tolerability, so one should opt for anti-wrinkle and antioxidants with actives that do not contain the formula. These products prevent photoaging, have a slightly bleaching action and reduce the production of free radicals. At noon and 3 pm, you must reapply sunscreen, even indoors.

At night, follow these steps: wash your face with a silicone facial brush, apply a more concentrated active with an anti-wrinkle effect and moisturize. At this time, there is a greater need to use micellar water or tonic, due to makeup and sunscreen residues and environmental dirt.

As for anti-wrinkle actives, prefer those based on glycolic acid and retinoids, which are safer to use at night. In the case of acids that contain whitening substances, the ideal is to moisturize before and after applying the product.

In the eye area, thinner and prone to wrinkle formation, pay special attention. If it is not possible to buy a specific item for the area, which is usually more expensive and comes in smaller quantities, opt for a hypoallergenic and thicker moisturizer, in the form of a cream, which will already help to prevent premature aging.

In case of doubt, always go from the thinnest to the thickest product, considering the type of base/vehicle used to deliver the active — gel, serum, cream, gel-cream, etc. Finally, be sure to take into account the presence of pathologies such as acne, spots or dermatitis, as this treatment must be included in the care routine.

Sounds like a lot of information, doesn't it? But don’t worry! Not all steps must be followed rigorously. The essentials are: hygiene, hydration and photoprotection. These steps must be taken daily and are valid for all skin types. The most important thing is to know your complexion and understand the products that work and don't work for it.

And don't forget about the neck. The skincare carried out day and night must descend to the region. A good moisturizer at night and the application of sunscreen in the morning are essential.

Most frequently asked questions

Is exfoliating for all skins?

Yes, those with blackheads benefit the most. For skin prone to oiliness, exfoliation should occur twice a week; for normal and dry ones, only once every 15 days is enough. And beware of homemade recipes that recommend the use of sugar or coffee for this activity, as these particles are sharp and can damage the skin.

Does oily skin need hydration?

For sure. Just use the moisturizer in the appropriate formula, in cream gel or serum.

Liquid or bar soaps?

Liquid soaps have a pH closer to the skin and tend to be less aggressive. But overall, they both act very similarly. There is no best between the two presentations, there is the right one for your skin at that moment.

What are the biggest enemies of healthy skin?

The sun and dehydration. Hence the importance of both oral water intake and daily hydration of the body's skin, in addition to avoiding very hot baths.

What is the correct amount of each product for the face?

Cleaning agent: a penny; eyelid cream: a pinhead; serums in general: 2 to 4  drops; face creams: a fingertip; cream gel acids: a bean grain. Facial sunscreen: a line on the 3 largest fingers of the hands or a third of a teaspoon for the face and the same amount for the neck and décolleté; and body protector: a teaspoon for each body segment.


Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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