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Have you ever had irritated skin, ingrown hairs and folliculitis after shaving? Facial skin is a very sensitive part of the body and therefore suffers more from depilation, which can lead to dermatological problems. Therefore, specific care must be taken to avoid damage in the region.

Know that some habits can be a little aggressive for the skin and end up causing discomfort after depilation, such as: shaving with dull blades, dry shaving and passing the blade in the opposite direction of hair growth. To help you avoid skin irritation after shaving, we have separated some important tips. Keep reading to find it out

How to avoid irritation after shave

Use Warm Water
Hot water helps open pores and make hair more manageable for easier shaving and avoiding irritation. You can take advantage of the moment after a hot shower to carry out the procedure. To help tighten pores, rinse with cool water after shaving.

Change blades frequently
If the razor blades are dull, dirty or rusty, they can injure the skin, which is one of the main reasons for facial irritation. Also, if it is spent several times in the same place, it ends up causing problems in the region. For this reason, change the blade as soon as you feel it getting dull, that is, when it starts to pull the hairs and not cut them.

Using a good facial scrub twice a week is important to remove dead cells that build up on the skin. This way you prevent the hair from jamming, greatly reducing the chance of inflammation. Use the scrub directly on your face, especially in areas you usually shave. Avoid rubbing it directly on your beard strands.

Lubricate the face with a specific product
Some men choose to use soap for shaving. However, this product only foams, which does not contribute to the lubrication of the area. Therefore, for the blade to slide better on the face without hurting or snagging, use a shaving gel. This product is essential for those who have sensitive skin and, consequently, problems with irritation.

Shave in the right direction
It's no use having the best blade and the highest quality shaving gel if you're shaving in the wrong direction. It is recommended that the blade be passed in the direction of hair growth to prevent them from jamming. In addition, this habit prevents cuts and wounds on the face.

Use both hands during the process
This is a classic tip for those who shave. It consists of using one hand to hold the razor and the other hand to stretch the skin of the face slightly. This helps to lift the hairs and leave them close, preventing the blade from hurting the skin without having to pass it in the same place several times.

Moisturize the skin after shaving
Hydration is key after shaving and applying a lotion after shaving makes all the difference in the skin. Count on products with healing and soothing properties for the face, which prevents irritation, redness, ingrown hair and folliculitis.

Beard Laser Hair Removal

Beard laser hair removal. Although the current fashion is for men to grow a beard – Old Dutch Beard -, shaving every day is part of many men's routine, isn't it? For many, this is not a problem, but for those who have ingrown hairs, shaving daily is not a good thing.

But these days, nothing to suffer from ingrown hairs or even for those who definitely don't care about facial hair at all. With laser hair removal in the beard you end (almost) definitively with ingrown hairs and also with the need to shave every day.

Care and how to prepare for laser beard hair removal

  • The entire area must be shaved with a blade in the direction of the hair so as not to interfere with the effectiveness of the laser.
  • In order not to feel pain, good clinics offer local anesthesia – even so, there are people who feel a little, due to sensitivity. In addition to anesthesia, good clinics use a cooler to relieve the feeling of heat.
  • The shaved area must not be exposed to the sun before and after the procedure, at risk of burning. It is therefore recommended to use sunscreen;
  • Gray hair cannot be removed with a laser, as it lacks melanin;
  • Laser hair removal should be done with reservations in people with brown and black skin, spots may occur. Although there are lasers that protect the skin more, it is necessary to do a test before shaving.

Laser hair removal: What is the beard strip?

It is possible to perform depilation to completely get rid of beard hair or, if you prefer, just take care of its contour. You can also do just the beard strip, which is the neck area, which is one of the most common areas among men who seek laser hair removal treatment.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

In general, there is a good decrease in treated hair when the indication of the procedure is well done. The beard laser hair removal procedure reduces up to 80% of the hair, but over time, maintenance must be carried out at intervals of eight to 12 months. This happens because the hairs reached by the laser do not grow anymore – the process kills the hair follicle.

Why choose IPL Laser Hair Removal

SnowySkin uses laser technology that emits rapid light pulses.
Light energy from IPL Laser Hair Removal is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which then turns to heat and destroys the hair cells. This causes hair regrowth to slow down significantly after each treatment. It also eliminates ingrown hairs and prevents folliculitis.

It has been designed to deliver results in 3-4 weeks. ;It has 5 different power settings to suit your skin-tone or skin sensitivity while still producing results at any level. Use can anywhere and not only on your beard - in the underarms, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders, and back. Try now and say good bye to razors and shaving machines.


Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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