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If you're still not sure how to choose a face wash, don't worry: we've prepared a guide to the best face washes for you to make your next well-informed choice.

First of all, you need to know yourskin type to choose a product with the most recommended ingredients and actives. The hygiene step is very important for the success of your skincare routine.

A skin that has not been properly sanitized is not ready to receive the assets and care that the other stages of the routine provide. So be careful when washing your face!

Now that you know the importance of the cleansing step for your skin care, let's go to our guide to the best soaps for your face and their benefits!

Soap for normal skin

Normal skin is considered balanced, so it produces lipids in a balanced dose, leaving the face with a velvety and firm texture. Therefore, it is best to clean it with a smooth textured face soap, so as not to affect this balance.

When changing seasons, normal skin may tend to be more oily or dry. Therefore, it is important to always observehow your face responds to the products used in the care routine.

The best soaps for the face with normal skin have assets such as alpha-bisabolol, with soothing and anti-inflammatory action; ceramides, which help with the skin's natural barrier; and vitamins E and B3 (niacinamide), which act against premature aging as they have antioxidant properties.

Soaps for oily skin

While normal is balanced, the production of excess lipids in oily skin causes an imbalance in hydration. Due to this, she becomes more prone to the appearance ofblackheads and pimples.

The best soaps for oily skin contain astringent action. Among the actives are salicylic acid, which controls oiliness preventing the appearance of acne, and zinc-derived ingredients (zinc pyrithione, zinc PCA, zinc gluconate, etc.), which have a sebum-regulating action.

For even more effective cleansing, opt for treatments with BHA, such as our Salicylic Acid toner. It is perfect for toning oily skin, has anti-inflammatory action and regulates the oiliness of your face. This Creamy should be applied after cleaning.

Bet on products with a gel, serum and gel-cream texture, so as not to harm your skin, and always clean your face with warm or cold water. It is also importantnot to wash your face more than twice a day to avoid excessive drying.

Soaps for dry skin

Unlike oily, dry skin produces less lipids. For this reason, it loses more water, leaving the face dry. A soap ideal for this type will remove impurities without drying your face.


The best soaps for dry face contain moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, the famous hyaluronic acid and plant extracts such as Aloe vera and Centella asiatica.

Bet on products with a more emollient texture and hypoallergenic formula, as dry skin is usually more sensitive to external agents, making it prone to the appearance of allergies and flaking. Using cleansing emulsions with mild surfactants will remove impurities without drying out the skin, preserving natural hydration as much as possible.

Soaps for mixed skin

Combination skin is usually more oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and more susceptible to dryness in the cheek area. A specific soap for this type needs to have properties that make the surface of the face more balanced.

The best soaps for combination skin usually have moisturizing properties, mild surfactants and sebum-regulating agents at the same time. Combination skins can also benefit from using soap for normal ones.

As you can imagine, the good soap for combination skin is a combination of the properties for oily and dry skin. Therefore, bet on soaps with plant extracts, such as chamomile and witch hazel, which clean deeply but maintain your skin's natural hydration.

Soaps for sensitive skin

Your skin may be sensitive whether it's normal, oily, combination or dry. Therefore, it is interesting to bet on a specific soap for this type, to avoid flaking, allergies and other dermatitis on the face.

The best soaps for sensitive skin have assets that soothe, such as plant extracts, thermal water, alpha-bisabolol, Asian centella, vitamin E, among others. The texture should be lotion or cleansing milk so it doesn't damage your face.

Our yellow, Lactic Acid, can help in the cleaning and protection routine of sensitive skin, because it provides a gentle exfoliation. In addition, it has a soothing function, fights the appearance of acne and leaves the face lit up.

If your skin has never been sensitive and has become, it is also important to consult adermatologist you trust to carry out a more in-depth evaluation and receive indications about the best soaps for the sensitive face.

Another great advice is to use tools to help you keep your skin clean, a great tool is theUltrasonic Facial Cleanser, its ultra-hygienic silicone bristles paired with a deeply enjoyable  ultrasonic vibrations gives the skin a gentle but deep exfoliation, which expertly removes 99.5% of dirt and oil from the skin while providing a pro prep for enhanced absorption of your favorite skincare. 


Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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