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Those who have oily skin know how difficult it is to choose the right products for it. It has a thicker surface, with dilated pores and intense shine, especially in the region known as the "T zone", which includes the forehead, nose and chin, in addition to having a greater tendency to acne. It is also common to have the feeling of heavy skin due to excessive sebum production. 

Oily skin has characteristics such as intense shine, the feeling of heavy skin due to excess sebum production, dilated, irregular pores and a tendency to acne.
Excessive oiliness in oily skin can be caused by: excessive washing of the region, use of products contraindicated for this type of skin, cleaning the skin with dirty hands, using hot water to wash the face, lack of hydration, foods with high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and unprotected sun exposure.

The basic steps to take care of your skin and keep it healthy are cleansing and toning. Cleaning the skin helps to control oil and unclog pores, which end up being clogged by impurities such as makeup and pollution. Cleaning is recommended twice a day: morning and night. Those who have oily skin should also choose a soap and tonic with actives that help control oiliness, such as clay and zinc.

What is the rebound effect?

The sebaceous glands produce excess sebum as a form of skin protection, due to an imbalance of water and oil on their surface. When there is no such balance and we remove all the fat from the region, including what we need to keep the skin protected and hydrated, our body tends to produce excess sebum to replace what was removed, which we call the rebound effect.

Oily skin women need a specific soap to insert into their daily beauty routine. People who have this type of skin are more likely to accumulate sebum, keratin and dead cells, and are usually prone to inflammation such as acne and blackheads, due to excess shine and oiliness. The item, which can be found in the form of a bar or purifying gel, is the number one skin care step, leaving the face clean and making room for other treatments. Check out 4 tips on how to find the ideal facial soap.

Types of Soaps

There are facial soaps of various textures: bar, liquid and gel. In general, they have the same function, which is to clean the skin. But when it comes to their properties, each one has its own characteristics, which influence the choice.

Soap gel texture facilitates pore cleaning

Oily skin is the one with very apparent and open pores, which allows the entry of impurities more easily. That is why a specific facial soap is so important, as it will remove sweat, dead cells and impurities that remain on the face, and to facilitate this cleaning, the tip is to opt for a gel texture. As it is lighter, the product does not accumulate residues in the pores - which can happen with bar soap - leaving the face drier. Another advantage of the gel is that it also usually has a purifying action, which helps to soften the "greasy" feeling of oily skin.

Soap with anti-acne action is also essential for oily skin

Another detail that facial soap can contain for oily skin is the anti-acne function, which is usually written on the front of the package. This action is done by two components beneficial to the skin: salicylic acid and vitamin E. The acid keeps oil under control, thus reducing inflammation, in addition to removing dead cells and releasing excess sebum. Vitamin E is responsible for the antioxidant action, which fights against the radicals that usually irritate the skin.

Soap can also have moisturizing actives for the skin

The sticky feeling of oily skin after a full day of running can be quite uncomfortable, but at the same time, the "tight" feeling that some deep cleansing soaps can leave after washing is not good either. To avoid the dry look, the tip is to look for soaps that, in addition to the anti-acne action, also have moisturizing actives in their formula, because when having excess oil, oily skin can also suffer from a lack of hydration. In these cases, a tip is to bet on liquid versions, which usually contain vitamins, proteins and amino acids that help to leave the skin smooth and soft, instead of dry after washing.

Women with oily skin can also use bar soap

Although gel or liquid soaps are more practical and purifying for oily skin, bar soaps also have their advantages. In addition to being able to include anti-acne action, vitamins and micro-exfoliants, the product still tends to foam more. Therefore, those who like to massage the skin of the face and neck well can have bar soap as their ally for deep cleaning on a daily basis.

To maintain your skin clean and free of sebum and dead cells, it’s important to have a skincare routine, and using aUltrasonic Facial Cleanser will help to provide deep cleansing to your skin, and also improve the absorption of serums deep into the dermis. In this deep cleansing procedure, ultrasonic is used to loosen oil, sebum, comedones and debris from the pores. Unlike manual extraction, Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing is comfortable and gentle on the skin, with minimal pain and swelling.

Somebenefits of the Facial Cleansers are:

  • Improves the appearance of Acne.
  • Removes Blackheads.
  • Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
  • Improves Collagen and Elastin production for Firming and Tightening. Allows for Deeper Penetration of Skin Care Products.
  • Suitable for all skin types and all ages 



Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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