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Who loves the look of their pimple-filled face? No one!

The skin consists of millions of pores that serve as a host of impurities. Factors like oil, dirt, debris, and sweat promote acne-prone skin, which may promote skin aging. While some people are genetically blessed with healthy and acne-free skin, over 70% of the population, if not more, have a history of mild to severe acne.

Luckily, facial cleansing tools like ultrasonic skin care cleaners have helped people remove residue, dirt, and bacteria that cause acne.

If you’ve just purchased an ultrasonic skin scrubber but don’t know how to optimize it for perfect facial cleansing outcomes, in this guide, we discuss some useful ultrasonic skin cleansing tips to help you get the best result out of your investment.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Benefits

Ultrasonic skin cleansing for acne-prone skin benefits all types of skin and can cause the overall skin texture to look more refined, elastic, and firm. But, that’s not all it offers!

The ultrasonic technology used in this skin scrubber helps:

  1. Exfoliate dead skin cells to ensure clear and radiant skin
  2. Remove oil, dirt, grime, and other impurities that may be causing blackheads and breakouts to ensure healthy and tighter pores.
  3. Stimulates the skin cells to promote collagen and elastin production that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture.
  4. Encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulates blood circulation to give it a more youthful vibrancy.
  5. It helps skincare products penetrate better and deeper into the skin.

Is Ultrasonic Good For Acne?

Yes, ultrasonic cleansers work well for acne.

According to an article published by the National Center of Biotechnology Information in the journal of the National Library of Medicine, skin cleansing routines using ultrasonic skin cleaners can improve the appearance of acne-prone skin.

When a pimple pops, it produces some bacteria that spread on the surrounding surface and quickly multiply rapidly, making the skin look like a breeding colony. The good news is that using an ultrasonic facial cleaner quickly eliminates this challenge by performing deep cleansing.

An ultrasonic cleansing device produces vibrations that stimulate lymphatic drainage to remove underlying toxins that cause recurring acne.

When the ultrasonic skin care device emits these high-frequency waves, it actively fights pimples by gently removing residue oil, dirt, debris, and other impurities on the pores of the skin that causes acne. Then, it stimulates the skin tissues to help you restore naturally vibrant and acne-free skin.

How Do You Use Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser?

As soft, soothing, and effective as the ultrasonic cleansing device is, it is not so skin-friendly that you can use it regularly.

Skin care experts recommend using this cleansing tool 1 to 2 times each week for people with sensitive skin. For normal skin, the recommended use frequency is 3 to 4 times weekly.

As mentioned earlier, this cleansing tool performs deep exfoliation that keeps the pores unclogged. Still, what people don't know is that over-exfoliation can adversely damage the skin cells, making them look blotchy, red, and sensitive. Daily usage can cause damage to the skin.

The skin needs some time to recover for some days after every treatment. Hence, when using an ultrasonic cleanser for your acne-prone skincare routine, try some patience and time to achieve impressive results.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Side Effects


In practice, ultrasonic skin scrubbers pose no danger to people with acne-prone skin. However, skin care experts and experienced dermatologists reveal that despite its positive effects, wrong application processes can increase the risk of side effects such as redness, swelling, bruising, and some pain or discomfort during the treatment.

Luckily, by applying the right intensity levels, using skin care products without chemical additives, patience, and obeying operating instructions from manufacturers, ultrasonic facial treatment procedures won’t pose danger to the skin.

On the flip side, dermatologists won’t recommend ultrasonic skin cleansing solutions for people with suspected tumors since the device stimulates the body cells and can be dangerous for their health.

Besides this, take specific caution when using this device in your cleansing routine, especially under the eyes, over open wounds, and with surgical scars. While the skin feels tough, these parts of the skin are sensitive and super thin, and using this device without moderation on these areas might cause severe injury.

Today, people employ various cleansing techniques to ensure even glowing skin, but even with these traditional remedies, the ultrasonic cleaning routine provides faster remedies to acne-prone skin.
But, don’t just take our word for it. Click here to find some ultrasonic skin scrubber reviews from current users.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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