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The skin is the outer covering of the body, considered the largest and heaviest organ in the human body. And like any organ, when something is not going well, signs begin to appear. In the case of the skin, there are some types of stains.

However, if there is one thing in common, it is that they all get worse with exposure to the sun (have you already applied sunscreen today?). And that has a lot to do with the way spots form.

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How do spots form?

The spots form because of an imbalance. One of the most common factors is sun exposure, but they can also arise due to irritation, inflammation, hormonal changes and even genetics (such as freckles, for example). There are also different types and formations of spots, as you already know.

But how are they actually formed?

The formation comes from an irritation of the melanocyte (cells that produce melanin). Every time the melanocyte feels threatened or irritated - whether by excessive sun, an irritation, a scratch, a beat - we have as a reflex this exacerbated production of melanin. This is more or less how the spots form.

So what is the cause of skin blemishes and when should we see a doctor?

The colors and types of spots that appear on the skin can point to different health problems. Sometimes it can just be an aesthetic problem.

Would you be able to identify what is the type of each spots yourself?

  • Dark or brown spots on the skin

Starting with the nevus – technical term for a stain popularly known as a mole or moles. They are small symmetrical spots on the skin formed by melanocytes (melanin-producing cells). They may or may not be salient minimizers, those are found in areas of the body most exposed to the sun and are observed at birth, or acquired throughout life.

However, new ones are always benign, but you have to be careful, since about ⅓ of melanomas originate from a pre-existing nevus.

  • Melanoma

It is the least common type of skin cancer, which originates in the cells that produce melanin. Although it’s less frequent, it is the one with the highest risk of metastasis, that means the disease spreads throughout the body.

To identify if the mole is a melanoma, just be aware of any type of change and use the example of these questions: 

  • Is the lesion asymmetrical?
  • Are there jagged edges?
  • Does it have more than one color?
  • Does it have a diameter greater than 6 millimeters?
  • Do you have Evolution (itching, bleeding or any symptoms that weren't there before?

  • If all your answers are yes, you should go to a doctor.

    • Melasma

    Melasma usually appears after pregnancy, use of contraceptives or sun exposure.

    It affects the regions of the lap, arm, cheekbones, upper lip and forehead. 

    • Melanosis or age spot

    They are those brown spots that appear on the back of the hands and arms. They appear more in the elderly and show a history of lifetime sun exposure. 

    • Acne blemishes

    They arise after the inflammatory process of acne. First, they appear as reddish lesions/spots, and during healing, hyperpigmentation can occur with time and exposure to the sun. It can be treated with the Microdermabrasion Kit at home, is a quick, easy and painless treatment to remove, reset and refine your skin for a completely rejuvenated complexion. The benefits of this using this device are:

    • Unclogs Pores
    • Reduces Visible Pore Size
    • Smooths Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    • Evens Pigmentation
    • Clearer Smoother Skin
    • Corrects Uneven Skin Tone
    • Improves Overall Skin Texture
    • 10x Increase in Skin Care Product Penetration
    • Freckles

    They are more common in fair-skinned people and usually manifest in childhood and adolescence. They are not dangerous, but they can indicate that the person is exposing himself to too much sun.

    • Rosacea

    Red spots on the skin

    It usually appears in fair-skinned people and women over 25. It is a chronic inflammatory vascular disease of unknown cause. Treatment is with antibiotics and acne medication.

    • Leukodermas

    White spots on the skin

    They are due to the decrease or absence of melanin. These spots are very common in cases of vitiligo, albinism and white cloth. The treatment varies according to the clinical condition of each patient. 

    How to treat those stains?

    Depending on which type it is, there are specific treatments to lighten the blemishes. However, following a daily care routine, we can control its pigmentation. Some essential steps for this are hygiene, hydration and sun protection (with a discipline of application and reapplication of this last step). It is also necessary to use safe and effective whitening products, which have the ability to act on all melanin formation processes and intermittently, at all times of the year, without having to interrupt the process. 

    Important tips for your skin

    It is important to point out that some routine care prevents the appearance of spots on the skin. Conscious sun exposure is the most relevant step in this case. Try to go to the beach at alternative times, when the sun's rays are milder, before 10 am and after 4 pm. Also, always apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out and wear a hat and glasses for more effective physical protection. When you are going to expose yourself to the sun directly (on the beach, for example), avoid using bleaching products. During the day, when you are in your work and commuting routine, try to use bleaches that are not photosensitizing.

    Sunscreen should be used even indoors, as artificial light bulbs, computer light and television, for example, cause a lot of damage to the skin, especially blemishes. The ideal is to use toning sunscreens, as they have a physical barrier that protects from visible light and guarantee extra protection indoors.

    Evelyn Setubal
    Evelyn Setubal

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