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The waxing process is part of the hygiene routine of some people and several procedures and products have already been developed to help trim or get rid of unwanted hair, however it is not always a cheap or effective alternative. But recently laser hair removal has shown results and does not subject the person to such painful processes. So today we are going to talk about the best laser epilator and if it is really worth having one of these devices at home.

Laser hair removal is a method that has been shown to permanently eliminate body hair. This procedure is widely applied by aesthetic clinics with huge devices that send heat waves to the root of the hair. The promise is that after a certain number of sessions you will no longer need to shave. But is the result of smaller devices similar?

Hair is a real nuisance for men and women, which is why hair removal techniques are on the rise. Before choosing the best treatment for your case, you need to understand the differences between each technology.

In addition to the traditional hair removal with hot wax and blade, other more technological methods have gained space, such as laser hair removal and intense pulsed light.

Laser hair removal acts on the destruction of the hair follicle, in a punctual (monochromatic) way, making the application a little more painful. It has better results on white skin, with dark and thick hair, but its structure does not eliminate blonde and white hair.

The action of intense pulsed light is based on the delivery of energy to the melanin present in the hair shaft, which, when selectively absorbing the light, heats up and destroys its germinal structures. For this reason, the pain is less and its scope is greater, being also indicated for people who have fine, blonde and red hair.

Laser hair removal with pulsed light, which is the portable epilator, are pulses of light launched into the skin that reach the root of the hair and connect with melanin. This process causes the follicles to be de-stimulated, delaying hair growth until it stops growing.

There are several doubts about which one is the best option, but to make the right choice, you need to understand which technology is most suitable for your need.


Light energy from IPL is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which then turns to heat and destroys the hair cells. This causes hair regrowth to slow down significantly after each treatment.

Does the hair have to be long to perform this procedure?
Not. Unlike waxing, for example, hair in procedures with intense pulsed light devices must be completely removed with the aid of a blade.

Does the procedure hurt?
The process may cause mild local discomfort of short duration, depending on the sensitivity of each client, but in general the treatment is painless.

Is hair removal permanent with IPL?
No hair removal method can be classified as definitive, photoepilation is a lasting resource, but the body's tendency is to recover these structures as they act as protective barriers for the body.

Methods that promise prolonged or permanent hair removal are often confused with each other. Thus, it ends up leaving many people in doubt about their differences and which method is more effective.

The IPL Laser Hair Devices


This model doesn't suit red, gray or light blonde hair. It can’t be used on legs or large areas.

Advanced safe skin tones:

  • Gives youMoney Back Guarantee.
  • 5 different power settings to suit your skin-tone
  • Skin tone sensor doesn’t select your intensity level
  • No used in large areas


It has a clinical-grade technology that is certified for safe and effective.

You can use it anywhere - in the underarms, legs, thighs, bikini line, face, neck, shoulders, and back. 

Advanced safe skin tones:

Snowyskin’s IPL gives you 90 Days ofMoney Back Guarantee.

  • Delivers results in 3-4 weeks.
  • 5 different power settings to suit yourskin-tone or skin sensitivity while still producing results at any level.
  •  Can be used in any area of the body (including face and brazilian)
  • It suits almost all skin tones 

Benefits of Snowyskin's IPL Laser Hair Handset

✓ IPL Device removes hair re-growth in just a couple of sessions.

✓ Laser hair removal works on any body part (including face and brazilian).

✓ Completely pain-free.

✓ Takes just minutes to use.

✓ 1000's of happy customers worldwide.

✓ 8+ year use-life of laser removal device.

✓ One time purchase, no refills or recharges required.

Also, with the IPL Handset you have the privacy to do it on yourself, whenever and wherever you want, some people don't feel comfortable in going to a clinic and having another person (even this person being a professional) doint the laser hair removal, so this is a strong benefit for those who like to do the procedures on their own. The Snowyskin's IPL is easy to use by yourself and suits almost all skin tones.

We can see reals client's review on our website:

"I've struggled with very thick hair in unwanted places and this purchase saved my confidence!! I doubted that this would work but where I would grow at least 10 hairs a week I grow about 3 very THIN hairs every 2 or so weeks. I notice a huge difference and once again it's made a remarkable change in my self confidence!!! (I was thorough with treatment, at least 2x a week and 5 flashes per area)
But I highly recommend for those like me who don't want to spend a bunch on laser treatments, THIS HELPED!!!"

Enjoy our 49% Sale and buy for a fair price now on our website.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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