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Opting for permanentlaser hair removal is a big decision in an attempt (this time successful) to get rid of hair in the parts of the body that bother you.

Whether in the armpits, legs, groin, upper lip, beard, chest, laser hair removal is the solution to get rid of ingrown hairs. And to make happy those who have already decided that fur is not their style.

Although long-lasting and effective, the laser ends up being a little painful for those with sensitive skin. If you want a smoother hair removal, it's important to understand how to treat the shaved area after the procedure. Next, check out all the essential tips and products for skin care after laser hair removal!

Pay attention to care after each session. They will contribute to the best result and appearance of your skin where the laser was used.

Say no to heavy moisturizers

The ideal is to avoid the use of greasy creams and body oils right after laser hair removal, as they clog pores and can generate folliculitis. I recommend using gels, products with chamomile extract or corticosteroid-based creams for two or three days after shaving to soothe the skin.

But using moisturizers with soothing principles on the skin relieves a lot of the burning, if it appears.

Usually, it is the most sensitive skins that show more redness after shaving. In these cases, aftercare laser hair removal also includes not taking very hot baths.

A tip for armpit laser hair removal cases:

Choose antiperspirants without alcohol in the formula and with more soothing and moisturizing ingredients. It is worth remembering that the recommendation is always to look for a dermatologist.

These are simple care, but they can certainly make a difference in the final result of the laser hair removal and ensure that it is definitive.

Get away from the sun

Anyone who thinks that after laser hair removal is already possible to be exposed to the sun is wrong. The ideal is to leave a minimum interval of five to seven days between the session and sun exposure, to help with healthy healing and not cause stains on the body.
We have already reinforced that exposing yourself to the sun does not contribute to the quality of the treatment, more specifically, to a result without stains.

So, if the goal is to be permanently hair-free and without risk to the skin, write it down:

Using sunscreen in the areas where the laser was used is one of the most recommended after laser hair removal care by professionals in the area.

Especially 48 hours after the session, to reinforce extra care when waxing on the face, for example.

Invest in thermal water

According to the dermatologist, thermal water is one of the most used dermocosmetics after aesthetic procedures. In addition to reducing irritations of sensitive or sensitized skin, preventing signs of redness and itching, it also helps to promote a feeling of freshness and smooth hydration.

Say no to Acids 

Treatments with creams based on retinoic, salicylic and glycolic acid, for example, should also be suspended 30 days in advance from the beginning to the end of the sessions. These products can irritate and make the skin even more sensitized.

Do not use hot wax

Permanent hair removal treatment acts progressively. In other words, the root of the hair follicle (the pore where the hair comes from, you know?) is reached when the hair grows and has already overcome the skin barrier, and, as you may have noticed, not all hairs grow at the same time.

It is necessary to respect their stages of growth.

Therefore, during the entire treatment period with laser hair removal, the hair cannot be removed from the root, as is the case with wax or tweezers.

The recommended thing is that you use a blade for those hairs that are still growing and that, throughout the treatment, need to be recognized by the laser.


Light Clothes

Avoid clothing that is too tight and made of synthetic fabrics that make it difficult for the armpit area to breathe. Always give preference to spaghetti strap blouses.

The skin may be slightly red and burning, so light clothes are best for up to 7 days after the procedure.Choose cotton and lighter fabrics. The less friction in the treatment regions, the better, so you also eliminate the chances of stains.

And now, how long does the Laser Hair Removal lasts?

Or, is it really permanent?

You can see the answer to these questions in thisarticle.


Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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