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There are many different face sculpting tools on the market, and they work in many ways to sculpt your face, lift your skin, and de-puff your eyes. The traditional tool are the rollers that glide up and down your face. 

Face after using sculpting tool handset

Why do we need to use face sculptors?

In the human face we have 43 muscles, some of them are naturally used to frown, smile and express other emotions, including when we feel stressed or tensioned, and this makes the face muscles become permanently stiff and tense, because they get strained. When we get older, it becomes more apparent and sometimes it even changes the shape of our faces, because our skin begins to flatten out as gravity takes effect.. You may already have noticed that most old people have a rolled-up chin, you can also notice areas around the mouth, cheeks and eyes that cause a look much older than the person really is. It can also occur after a weight loss or an illness. That’s the effect we were talking about. And Face Sculpting tools help to combat those signs and works like ananti-aging tool

How traditional face sculpting tools work

It works the tiniest muscles in the face that are almost impossible to get through during your routine activities.Just like the body muscles, you will feel your face more slim, toned and its shape more improved.

While the traditional tools come down to the already said benefits,Snowyskin Anti Aging Face Sculpt Kitmaintains a youthful, glowing skin. Without all the work, effort or time, with the synergistic effects of Micro-Current, Micro-Vibration & LED Light Therapy.

  • It promotes blood circulation and accelerate skin repair to improve skin elasticity
  • Smoothen fine lines and dimpled skin
  • Purifies and Brighten skin tone
  • Enhance and activate serum absorption into the skin

With this home facial kit you can use it with yourskin care routine and notice how it can change the aspect of your skin in a few uses, the best part is that you can have this treatment at home and make use of it whenever you want/can.

How Snowyskin Anti Aging Facial Sculpting Kit works?


Green Led with Micro-vibration opens the pores effectively removes dirt and impurities.


Red LED enhances serum absorption, improve skin concerns like dark marks and overall dullness

by regulating melanin overproduction.


Blue LED reduces fine lines and wrinkles and micro-current for a lifting effect. Helps with lymphatic circulation and detoxification.

Studies have shown that microcurrent can help to 'work out' the muscles,tighten skin and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation to provide oxygen to the cells and eliminate toxins, so it also does the work of the traditional face sculpting tools but you don’t have to make the same effort. And you can see the results in just a few weeks after starting to use it. But similar to skincare, the consistent use of Face Sculpt Kit is required for visible results . 

The duration to observe visible results varies for each individual and depends on the treatment mode used. In general, glow and lifting results may be observed in 28 days from using the Glow and Lift mode and cleasing effects right after the first use of the Cleanse mode. You will feel your skin immediately hydrated.

Ordering the face sculpting kit is opening the doors to a new face skin, younger and firm. It’s an easy to use device, and it has askin care product absorption rate. 

It is the best system for aging skin you’ll ever see on the market.

It can be used daily for all treatment modes. We recommend to use it for 5 minutes per treatment mode, so you can notice how easy is to have a daily routine anti aging skin care using the device,  only 5 minutes a day!

It also helps to reduce puffiness and tone your skin up.

Having a Younger and Smooth skin is simple!

You know now that, using the Ant Aging face sculpting kit everyday in essential for your face skin, but you also have to add these tips on your daily routine to maintain a glowing face.

1 - Get to know the type of your skin 

Before starting any treatment you must know what is the type of your skin and after that, buy facial products right for you.

On another post we already teached you how to figure it out, go check it!

2 - Be consistent 

It’s just like when you want to see result by going to the gym, if you go once or twice a week, you won’t see as many result as going everyday, so you have to do it consistently. If you want to maintain your skin youthful for as long as possible, you should take time for you anti aging skin care routine twice a day. Once after waking up and before going to sleep. It works on the Face Scupt Kit at home too, consistently using the device will help you to achieve optimum results.

3 - Quit smoking

If you smoke I know this is going to be difficult, but smoking is bar for your health and also bad for your skin. It deprives your skin of nutrients and oxygen, and it affects the blood vessels, making your skin pale and greyish, it alsos makes premature ageing.

If you want to order a Face Sculpt Kit, you can get one accessing the linkhere and enjoy the discount of50% OFF. You can also check the reviews of customers that already have seen the results in a few times of use and some before and after pictures of visible results!

evelyn setubal
evelyn setubal

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