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Facial tools get a lot of attention, claiming to solve a variety of different skin issues – some of which fully deliver what they promise, while others don't bring much change. The hard part is when we buy a tool and use it as recommended, and we still don't see results. But there are some tools that not only measure up, but have become absolutely indispensable in many women's beauty routines. 

Do beauty skin tools work?

There are several beauty tools that promise to help intensify your skin care treatments. But do they really work? Just as in the 'gym' you use dumbbells or tapes to get in tune, the time has come to include beauty tools in your bag.

With the help of some products, you can sculpt your face, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, drain and detoxify, brighten, and also reduce bags around your eyes. The muscles in the face are no different than those in the rest of the body; they are just smaller. And, just as you need to exercise your ‘body’ to stay toned and without sagging, the same goes for your face.

Jade or Quartz Roller

The jade or quartz roller has the ability to smooth out wrinkles and acne. The smaller one stimulates the lymphatic drainage of the eyes and mouth, and the larger one does the same for the cheeks, jaw and neck. The rollers, which are made of quartz or jade, are used when the aim is to firm and brighten, and the coolness the stone retains improves tissue circulation.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is the preferred tool of Generation Z and the one that today triumphs on Instagram and TikTok, but its technique comes from traditional Chinese medicine. Gua Sha offers anti-wrinkle and lifting effects and reduces bags and dark circles. As with the roller, you can choose between jade, quartz or ceramic. The shape of the gua sha – it can be made of stone or ceramic – provides a draining effect and redefines the contours of the face.

Facial Massager

And you should also have the decongestant globes, which are two glass spheres filled with liquid and attached to an applicator stick to make it easier to use. They have anti-inflammatory and lymphatic draining properties and are able to refresh and rejuvenate your face skin in a simple way.

If you're going to opt for stones, don't choose them thinking about the color you like best or which goes best with the tiles in your bathroom, but you have to decide between one or the other depending on the effect you want to achieve on your face.

Effects of each stone on the skin

Jade provides a balancing energy, has calming properties, stimulates and, according to oriental medicine, has healing properties. Its detoxifying effect improves the texture of the skin, eliminating impurities.

Rose quartz, in turn, improves circulation, eliminates swelling and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, the vibrations it transmits when treating the skin give a feeling of well-being.

How to use them
skin face how to use stones

Face Sculpting Kit

The face sculpting tool maintains youthful, glowing Skin. Without all the work, effort or time, with the synergistic effects of Micro-Current, Micro-Vibration & LED Light Therapy. Address the appearance of sagging skin, lines and skin dimpling by improving blood circulation and skin care product absorption rate.

Studies have shown that microcurrent can help to 'work out' the muscles, tighten skin and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation to provide oxygen to the cells and eliminate toxins.

Some of its benefits are:


Green Led with Micro-vibration opens the pores effectively removes dirt and impurities.

  • GLOW

Red LED enhances serum absorption, improves skin concerns like dark marks and overall dullness by regulating melanin overproduction.

  • LIFT

Blue LED reduces fine lines and wrinkles and micro-current for a lifting effect. Helps with lymphatic circulation and detoxification.

  • Promotes blood circulation and accelerate skin repair to improve skin elasticity
  • Smoothen fine lines and dimpled skin
  • Purifies and Brighten skin tone
  • 10x Increase in Skin Care Product Penetration

If you are going to introduce these beauty tools into your care, keep in mind that perseverance is the key. It's like playing sports: if you go to the gym one day and not ten, you'll never notice the results. But, if you use it daily (three minutes is enough) and usually at night, you will get more visible results.

When you go to work, always do it with clean skin and after applying the serum that best suits your skin. Start with the chin and work your way up the jawline, continue marking the cheekbones until you reach the final eye area – this will also put the focus on the crow's feet, and finish up the nose and then work the sides of the forehead.

Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser

Does it really make a difference to clean your face with an ultrasonic silicone brush versus a traditional sponge? Yup. The difference is due to the fact that this gadget works by pulsating its silicone filaments. Result: the skin ends up having a much deeper and non-abrasive cleaning. Not to mention that she is much more prepared to absorb her skincare products.

Because it is made of silicone, the device is super hygienic and does not create fungus, lasting much longer than a conventional brush. It's worth researching well at the time of purchase. Choose products that have proven quality, avoiding investing in devices that have just the same appearance, but without performance.

The ultra-hygienic silicone bristles paired with a deeply enjoyable ultrasonic vibrations gives the skin a gentle but deep exfoliation, which expertly removes 99.5% of dirt and oil from the skin while providing a pro prep for enhanced absorption of your favorite skincare. It rejuvenates your skin with our efficient scrubber device. Easy-to-use, reliable, and durable, SnowySkin™ delivers gentle, yet efficient deep facial cleanse.

Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing has a dual purpose – to provide deep cleansing to your skin, and also improve the absorption of serums deep into the dermis. In this deep cleansing procedure, ultrasonic are used to loosen oil, sebum, comedones and debris from the pores. Unlike manual extraction, Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing is comfortable and gentle on the skin, with minimal pain and swelling.


Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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