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It's very pleasant to take care of the skin, isn't it? Using a soap that brings numerous benefits, using sunscreen and noticing the effects of these care over time. That's why knowing your skin types helps a lot in your beauty routines and allows your skin to look really radiant — because you're actually living a healthy life.

The point is that you need to know your skin type before buying any product, even if you use dermocosmetics. Sometimes, trying to use a cosmetic recommended by a colleague or even by someone you follow on social media will not have the expected effect, did you know? Simply because that item is not interesting for yourspecific skin type.

So if you want to know more about skin types and what is the best way to take care of each one, keep reading this article.  

What are the types of skin?

We can talk about five main ones, and most skins are oily. These different types carry specific characteristics such as texture, opacity, pore size, among other traits. Each of them requires specific care.

Normal Skin

Normal skin has the most balance between moisture and sebum production. It's a healthier looking skin, it's velvety, without excess shine and without a dry face. Pores are less visible too.

However, normal skin can even have a little oil concentrated on the face, especially in the T-zone (forehead and nose), especially with changes according to the hormonal period, climate or even when the end of the day comes. This type of skin is not very common in Brazil — which, as you have seen, has a majority of oily skin.

Basic Care

Normal skin is a little less work. You can use a milder soap all over your body, from normal to combination skin. On the face, it is worth adding to the routine a tonic to give luminosity and the sunscreen, which can be a serum, gel-cream or even lotion.

Dry skin

This type of skin loses more water. In this case, it’s recommended that you drink more fluid than normal. The skin has no visible pores and is more cracked. It is common to notice this skin in women who are menopausal or who have been exposed to the sun a lot without proper care. It also becomes more sensitive.

Basic Care

If the skin is dry, hydration becomes a major point of attention. It is worth using a soap with more moisturizing action and, on the face, a tonic with vitamin C to help even out skin hydration and collagen production. And there's more: a filter with more moisturizing action, generally associated with hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. This, of course, without forgetting to keep the body hydrated, ingesting liquids regularly.

Sensitive skin

This is a more common type of skin to observe in those who have rosacea and in allergy patients. Sometimes even the act of rubbing the towel on your face makes the skin even more sensitive, did you know?

Basic Care

It is necessary to choose very well what to apply on the body, as any product can make the skin reddened, flaky and irritated. You can use soaps based on witch hazel and chamomile, which are substances that help to soothe, tonics with a more moisturizing action, such as those based on niacinamide, which make the skin's composition not so sensitive. And here's a golden tip:prefer physical sunscreen over chemical - the chemical can cause irritation.

Oily skin

As you saw, it is the majority among Brazilians! What happens is that, in this type of skin, there is a greater production of sebaceous glands and there the oil accumulates throughout the day. It is worth saying that people withblack skin should redouble care, as the tendency to oily skin is even greater.

Basic Care

Recommendations include the use of soaps based on salicylic and glycolic acid, with drying action. Those with white clay are also high in astringency. And, on the face, it is also indicated to apply tonics with a composition similar to the soaps indicated by the specialist.

This allows it to absorb the oil, making the skin not so shiny. As for sunscreen, always opt for gel-cream or serum, without oil in the composition.

Oily skin has one more point of attention, acne. Here, there is inflammation and hyperpigmentation, which are blemishes. So, for oily skin, it is important to use a product with acid, such as retinoic acid, on the face, neck and shoulders, especially at night, in addition to unifying substances to help not hyperpigmentation the skin.

Mixed skin

We have reached the last type of skin, in which the oiliness is more concentrated in the T-zone. Filters that are not greasy.

How to identify my skin type?

It’s recommended that you visit adermatologist. That way, you don't go wrong when buying the products and don't cause any type of allergy or other adverse reaction.

And it's important to go often! Because our skin can change! People had a marked production of sebum, along with the consumption of foods with high glucose content, because of the anxiety we go through.

sunscreen skin type


What care should all skin types receive?


Despite the differences, some good habits look good on any skin, take a look on some of them:

  • Have a good diet, with intake of vegetables, greens, grains and, of course, drink lots of water. Always choose to eat more natural products instead of industrialized
  • Practice physical activity, because it helps to release toxic substances from our body, in addition to producing serotonin, which brings well-being. The skin has to do with our soul, how we feel. It's no use treating the skin and being full of questions and anxieties or a bad night's sleep.
  • Use soap and sunscreen suitable for your skin type. And, during the day, reapply the filter. Even indoors, we suffer from the action of visible light and, as we are mixed race, we pigment more. Sunscreen is like brushing your teeth.
  • Use tools that maintain your skin soft and young. Themicrodermabrasion kit is suitable for all skin types and resets the multiple signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven tone, light acne scarring, enlarged pores everywhere and especially in hard to reach places like around the nose area.

All the while prepping the skin for an increased absorption of your usual creams and serums for accelerated anti-aging results.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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