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To go to the beach or pool without having to schedule a waxing appointment, nothing is more efficient than investing in pulsed light waxing for legs, a versatile treatment that can be performed on the entire leg or partially, thus meeting every need.

Do you suffer from hair all over your leg and want to get rid of it? Then full leg laser hair removal is the perfect solution for you. Full leg waxing covers the region from the thighs to the ankles and the laser action directly reaches the hair root! That is, it covers both the half leg and the posterior and anterior region of the leg, being ideal for those who want to get rid of uncomfortable hair!

Due to the size of the region, this area is one of the areas that make people most uncomfortable, as it concentrates a lot of hair.

In order to help you with this, we have separated some important information about laser hair removal on the entire leg, such as: the advantages of the laser, the disadvantages of other methods for the region

Pulsed Light For Legs

Pulsed light hair removal for legs is a method that does not promote high heating of the skin and is considered painless by many. In addition, it is possible to check results in a few sessions.

Laser depilation on the leg delivers the benefit of being permanently hairless, frees you from allergies, folliculitis and is still the best option for those who are afraid to try it, but are looking forward to the result of smooth skin, since the feeling of pain is practically non-existent.

Laser hair removal still causes a natural fear: Does it hurt? But why is it expensive? Does it really work?

There are many doubts that prevent many women or men from seeking to know more about the treatment.

But, if it serves as an incentive: laser hair removal can be painless and the leg is chosen by the majority as the most comfortable region to test for the first time and with incredible results!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal on Legs

If you want to think of a hair removal method that guarantees the permanent elimination of your hair at a fair price, we can assure you that the laser is the best option on the market.

There is no other that offers the effectiveness of the laser, let alone the value offered! To give you an idea of how much waxing the entire leg costs, we'll talk about it below!

Something that gets in the way of everyday life and even discourages many people is having to shave their legs for a new week or a special occasion.

For example, a person may feel uncomfortable going to the beach or wearing clothes that don't cover the legs because of the hair. This is an inconvenience that no one should have to go through and with the laser, it will never happen again!

After all, without having to do frequent maintenance, you'll have smooth legs ready for any event!

In the long term, laser hair removal is much cheaper than the sum of the costs of non-permanent methods.

As if spending less money to get the best possible result for your legs wasn't enough, getting laser hair removal still saves you time!

That's right! No need to constantly touch up your hair removal after laser sessions, so you have a lot more time to spend on whatever you want!

Mainly because full legs take longer to shave regardless of the method!

Laser Hair Removal

If you don't like or don't have time to resort to the different types of hair removal every month, it's time to get to know pulsed light. The procedure applies gentle flashes of light to the skin, causing the hair to naturally fall out, inhibiting further growth. The practice used to be restricted to beauty centers, but now it is possible to use a device to do the treatment yourself at home. This is the case of IPL Laser Hair Removal Device, by Snowyskin, which can be used on the legs, armpits, bikini area and face.

The emitted light acts on the melanin and goes to the hair root, stimulating the follicle to be in a resting phase. Using the device fortnightly, after five it is possible to reduce the amount of threads by about 80%. To ensure that the skin is always smooth, repeat the procedure every 40 or 60 days.

To inhibit hair growth, eliminating the need to shave monthly, the pulsed light device is easy and practical to use. As it is wireless, it can be positioned anywhere on the body and can also be taken everywhere, not needing any gel or cream for application. Speed is also an advantage for those who need to save time. In just 15 minutes it is possible to shave the lower part of both legs.

First sessions of hair removal


When you are going to do the first sessions, shave the hair of your legs with a blade first. Remember to adjust the light level according to your skin tone and coat color. The treatment doesn't hurt, but experiment with the lowest settings to get used to the warm feeling and get comfortable.

It is possible to depilate with pulsed light on different parts of the body: legs, armpits, bikini area and face. An internal optical filter prevents UV light from influencing the skin. Facial hairs can also come off with the method, thanks to a precision accessory specific to the region and an additional UV filter that protects this more sensitive skin.

Varicose Veins on the Legs: Can You Do IPL Laser Hair Removal?


The pulsed light acts on the surface of the skin, reaching the depth necessary to attack the hair matrix cell, which is very little depth, when we compare the depth where the varicose veins are located. You can continue your depilation normally until all hairs are gone, and also look for someone to take care of your varicose veins (very important).

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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