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Everyone dreams about having a smooth and soft skin, with no signs and no premature aging, but most of people don’t know that to have it you need some daily skin cares that are essential to make your skin look younger and healthier, it doesn’t take a lot of time but you do need to take some time to take care of your skin.

Damaged skin how to take care


What’s a healthy skin?

When we see a soft skin, with no blemish and velvety, that’s what we call a healthy skin. Knowing this, it’s easy to identify when a skin is not in a good condition.

Of course each skin has their own characteristics and requires different special care. So before starting any treatment you have to know what’s the type of your skin, to understand what is damaging it and what methods are necessary to keep your face young and healthy.

These tips can help you to improve the aspect of your face skin 

  • Eat Clean

Everything can interfere on our skin quality, starting by the food we eat. When we don’t eat clean, with fruits, vegetables and just eat fast food, fried food, our skin suffers consequences.

Those are the main foods that prejudice our skin:

  • Refined salt
  • Pizzas, hamburgers and fried food
  • Alcohol

To have a beautiful skin, you have to eat:

  • Grapefruit
  • Carrots
  • Watermelon
  • Avocado
  • Papaya

 Sanitize your face everyday and use sunscreen

    Besides eating clean, try to always sanitize your skin with a proper face soap, maintain a skin care routine and after that use moisturizer and sunscreen.

    Besides eating clean, try to always sanitize your skin with a proper face soap, maintain a skin care routine and after that use moisturizer and sunscreen.

    It’s important to remember the importance of using sunscreen, to protect the dermis and the epidermis against the UVA and UVB radiation. 

    • Drink Water

    Drinking water regularly can also help to improve the aspect of your skin, it’s responsible for tissue regeneration and maintaining the health of our skin. It’s recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

    • Never sleep using makeup 

    Makeup clogs pores and increases the chance of blackheads and pimples, as well as allergies. Speaking of which, it’s during the night that the skin absorbs nutrients better. Therefore, it’s essential to remove makeup so that the dermis, clean, can absorb the products recommended by your dermatologist.

    • Be careful with homemade masks

    Non-industrialized exfoliating particles can hurt, as they are sharp. In specific products, the particles are rounded to avoid this type of problem. In addition, homemade masks made from fruits, seeds and grains can cause allergies or irritations and even stain the skin.

    • Rest and manage stress

    Dark circles can appear when we don't sleep well or are very stressed. Likewise, they can also appear over the years, as a result of aging. The tip is to sleep better and rest and, if they persist, look for a dermatologist to start a more specific treatment.

    • Make use of skin care devices to keep your skin clean

    Making a deep cleaning of your skin is essential to get rid of all the dirt your pores absorb during the day, and for it you can use theUltrasonic Facial Cleanser toloose oil, sebum, comedones and debris from the pores. Unlike manual extraction, Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing is comfortable and gentle on the skin, with minimal pain and swelling.

    • Vitamins

    Consult a specialist to check which vitamins are lacking in your body and treatments should be done to make your skin younger. Care must come from the inside out, so, in addition to applying cosmetic lotions, try to ingest supplements and vitamins that provide well-being to your life.

    Among the main vitamins for healthy skin are: Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin F and Vitamin K.

    • Exfoliate to renew

    The procedure eliminates dead cells and removes impurities that clog pores. This facilitates the penetration of treatment creams, making them more efficient. If you are prone to blackheads. And theUltrasonic Facial Cleanser can also help you with the procedure of exfoliating, since it has an ultra-hygienic silicone bristles paired with a deeply enjoyable ultrasonic vibrations gives the skin a gentle but deep exfoliation, whichexpertly removes 99.5% of dirt and oil from the skin while providing a pro prep for enhanced absorption of your favorite skincare.

    • Exercise

    Choose the anti-aging treatment you want, but don't give up one of the most efficient: physical activity. Biking, walking, weight training, yoga – all these modalities, practiced regularly, fight the aging of the skin, the largest organ in our body. Exercises improve circulation, deliver nutrients to cells and help produce collagen (support fiber).

    • Use moisturizers according to the weather

    During the summer, choose products that have agents capable of blocking water loss and preventing the entry of infectious agents, likehyaluronic acid.

    During the winter, keep on hydrating, as the skin produces less sebum and dries out. Use formulations with ammonium lactate, silicone, ceramides or shea and andiroba butters

    We know that are many points to care about when the subject is taking care of your skin, but all those are important for your self esteem too, since these things are connected. it is the skin that separates individuality, that is, what we have inside, from the external world. We are in contact with each other all the time and that is why it is so important to take care. Some people might ask themselves why the self image matters so much, people with more satisfying self-images tend to place themselves better emotionally in life. But in the same way, the stress of contemporary life affects our health, including skin health. developing a self-care routine is a great ally to maintain high self-esteem, that includes all those tips on this post.

    What you see in the mirror is satisfying? Are you following all those steps written here to keep your face and your self esteem in a good mood? bring out the beauty in you and take care of the person you most care about! YOU.

    evelyn setubal
    evelyn setubal

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