How to Get the Perfect Bikini Line with IPL

November 16, 2022 4 min read

For those fans of shaving and waxing, you know how difficult it is to live with the frequent damage caused to the skin and the appearance of the famousfolliculitis (inflammation or infection of the follicles). By laser hair removal, it is possible to remove hair permanently, with just a few sessions, this safely and without harming the skin.

Through the laser approach, it is possible to benefit not only from hair removal, but also from the whitening of the region and the reduction of sagging by stimulating collagen production.

Finally, you get rid of hair and take care of your skin, considerably improving your self-esteem, self-confidence, well-being and quality of life.

More and more in search of freedom, women have been looking for a way to get rid of unwanted hair, and laser hair removal in the groin has been the perfect solution.

Can you use IPL on bikini areas?

Bikini areas can be a very sensitive part of the body, but if you are using a safe device, likeSnowyskin IPL Laser Hair Removal, which is designed to be used in any part of your body with safety and quality, you won’t feel any discomfort at all.

You can use your handset on your whole body, including your brazilian and face (just be sure to not get too close to your eyes).

How does laser hair removal work on the groin?

This area, which has coarse, dark-looking hair, responds best to laser hair removal. That's right!

The characteristics of the hair in the region end up favoring the absorption of laser energy, considering the greater amount of melanin than the thinner and lighter hair. This considering that the laser is attracted precisely by the brownish pigmentation of the follicle.

The technique is very effective and draws attention precisely because it gives freedom to those who need to shave almost every day. For women and men, waxing will take care of your skin, leaving it always smooth and soft.

If you have problems with folliculitis, which is when the hair becomes ingrown and inflamed, the treatment will solve it. There are many benefits!

Why invest in the IPL Laser Hair Removal?

The technique consists of removing unwanted hair. If you no longer want to have the hassle of shaving, depilatory creams or using or waxing, this form of hair removal is the best way for you. It's a safe, effective method that brings practicality to your everyday life.

One of the advantages of laser hair removal is having the feeling of comfort and cleanliness at the time of day when you need it. Wearing low-cut bikinis will no longer be a problem!

Total groin laser hair removal

One of the forms of groin waxing is the total - or dug. This method consists of completely removing the hair follicles from the genital area, with the option of keeping a small amount of hair in the pubic area.

If you choose partial bikini hair removal, you will have removed hair from the suprapubic area and the bikini area.

Depending on how your hair is – normally in this region they are thicker and darker -, the definitive removal arrives in just a few sessions. And, better, the duration of the procedure is 20 to 30 minutes, in the case of the groin.

How to prepare your skin for laser hair removal

Are you seriously thinking about closing a package and doubt came about what to dobefore laser hair removal? Look, it's pretty simple, here we go:

  • Shave hair 

Shave the skin area with a blade between 1 or 2 days before application. This helps you prepare the area perfectly and avoid irritation.

  • Reduce sun exposure:

Exposure to the sun should be reduced throughout the treatment, with greater care in the week before and after the session. If, by chance, you are going to expose yourself to the sun even for a few minutes, use a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen;

  • Clean skin:

Make sure the skin in your bikini area is clean and free of oil. It should also be dry for the IPL Bikini application to work properly

  • Do not wax:

It is not advised, during treatment, to use methods that pull the hair out by the root, such as wax and tweezers;

  • No self-tanners, ok?
  • No products containing acids in the week before and after the application.
  • IPL application: 

Apply the IPL device carefully to the bikini line, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat for all areas

Post-depilation care

Post-depilation care aims to alleviate common side effects after the session, such as irritation and redness of the skin.

  • Avoid exposure to the sun in the week following the session;
  • Do not use self-tanner;
  • Do not use any product that causes or incites irritation;
  • Do not use other hair removal methods that remove the root;
  • Prefer to wear a skirt or dress, and bottoms that do not rub the skin;
  • Wear comfortable underwear, preferably cotton;
  • Use of soothing ointment or gel;
  • Do not do physical exercises for 48 hours;
  • Take a hot bath for 48 hours;
  • Do not use a sauna for at least 5 days;
  • Use of post-depilatory gel for 5 days after the session, twice a day, following the professional's instructions.

Indications and contraindications for intimate laser hair removal

Intimate laser hair removal is indicated for people who feel uncomfortable with the hair in the region, considering that it is a more efficient and safer form of hair removal. It is also through this type of approach that it is possible to benefit from smoother and firmer skin, free of damage resulting from other types of depilation.

Another benefit that depilation can provide is the lightening of dark spots in the region, which may be due to irritation from the use of razors in depilation, wearing very tight clothes, constant friction between the legs and allergic reactions to depilatory creams and lotions.

As for the contraindications of the technique, the following can be mentioned:

  • Pregnant or lactating women;
  • People with photosensitivity;
  • Patients on treatment with 13 cis-retinoids and derivatives;
  • Neoplasms;
  • History of keloid scarring;
  • Patients with autoimmune skin, connective tissue and neuromuscular disorders;
  • Patients with untreated diabetes – at risk of burn ulcers;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Recurrent herpes simplex in the treatment area;
  • Immunosuppression;
  • Areas that have recently been plucked – wax, tweezers, etc.
Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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