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You must have heard the phrase “The eyes are the window to the soul”, correct? That's because, in addition to showing a large part of who we are, they also say a lot about our age and health. But how does the look influence our youth? As we age, the skin on our eyelids becomes sagging, excess skin becomes evident and it falls over our eyes, which are half-covered, which makes our whole face look tired. And this goes beyond the aesthetic issue, as drooping and sagging eyelids often interfere with good vision.

Why do signs of aging appear first in the eye area?

The eye area is very delicate and thinner than the other parts of the face, so the first signs of age such aswrinkles, sagging, fine lines and bags tend to become more visible in this area. One of the reasons why this happens is due to the large movement of the eyelids, as their muscles are made to perform automatic fast-twitch movements, such as those necessary for blinking and tearing.

In addition, the eye region has many vessels that absorb topical products used daily, making the skin more sensitive to allergies and irritations. There is also the influence of different external factors that canaccelerate aging, such asexposure to the sun without protection, for example. Over time, pigmented skin patches around the eyes, in shades of blue and brown, may also appear.

Sagging eyelids make many people uncomfortable and dissatisfied with their appearance, as this problem makes the look tired and not youthful. That's why we bring you the best treatments for eyelid sagging.

Sagging eyelids – and all the skin on our face – is a natural consequence of skin aging. With advancing age, skin sagging occurs due to decreased levels of collagen and elastin in the skin, associated with falls in the deep fat pads of the face and bone resorption. It is especially aggravated in thepost-menopause period, when collagen levels drop on a larger scale, leaving the skin 'loose'. This happens because the subcutaneous tissue is supported by the musculature and also by the bone framework. With advancing age and the influence of hormonal changes, the musculature thins and becomes less firm, which contributes to the upper and lower eyelids becoming flaccid and drooping.


Daily skin care can help prevent sagging of the eyelid region

Taking care of the skin daily helps to leave it looking hydrated and with more freshness. Many people use the moisturizer all over the face, but forget to use itaround the eyes. Therefore, an important tip is tohydrate this area daily. Hydration protects the skin and can provide a better appearance. Face and eye care should be different

Because it is thinner than the rest of the face, the eye area needs special care, capable of delaying the appearance of signs of age. For this, be sure toremove makeup, as the accumulation of residue accelerates aging and can cause stains on the skin. The eye area is delicate, so a good tip is to usecotton pads to apply the makeup remover and leave them on the eyes for a few seconds to then remove the makeup.

To help you keep your face clean and ready to receive other products that will help your skin to get younger and smoother, you can use some tools that are specially made for it, for example theFace Sculpt Kit, it promotes blood circulation and accelerate skin repair to improve skin elasticity, improve skin concerns like dark marks and overall dullness by regulating melanin overproduction and reduces fine lines and wrinkles and micro-current for a lifting effect. Helps with lymphatic circulation and detoxification. 

In order to prevent skin blemishes, photoaging and skin cancer, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to the eye area as well because it is a “thinner” skin, it is a region that suffers a lot from the consequences of photoaging. In addition, dermocosmetics with moisturizing action  treat and improve the eye area. Do not forget that they must be ophthalmologically tested and cannot contain irritating substances in their composition.

Antioxidants are also important, as we now know that most of the changes in aging occur through the action of free radicals. Vitamin C, E and ferulic acid are antioxidant ingredients that act both in preventing and attenuating the signs of skin aging.

I have a tendency to sagging eyelids

First, the eyelids need to be evaluated by a professional in the aesthetic field. He is responsible for examining the degree of eyelid sagging and indicating the most appropriate treatment for each case. In some mild and moderate cases, it is possible to resort to aesthetic treatments. Some patients have eyelid sagging that allows for clinical correction, without surgery! 

What are the best procedures to treat eyelid sagging?

Electrocautery (Ultrasonic Peeling)

Used in uncut blepharoplasty, electrocautery shoots an electric current directly into the skin. With this, a superficial and controlled burn is generated and it is already proven that the result of the treatment is promising in the area of ​​the eyelids. There is a decrease in the sagging of the region and a retraction of the skin, with a more beautiful and healthy aspect. 

Botulinum Toxin

Mainly in the frontal region (forehead) to arch the eyebrows, taking away the tired look and avoiding expression lines. The balance between frontal and glabellar relaxation (bravus region) makes it possible to balance the height of the eyebrows, since these musculature have opposite actions.


The Ultraformer is a non-surgical facelift treatment device. It uses macro and micro focused ultrasound to create small lesions inside the skin and stimulate collagen, leaving the skin in the region firmer and, consequently, lifting the look.

Radio frequency

The well-known fractional radiofrequency technology works so that a device emits "waves" that reach a certain depth in the skin (depending on the equipment, adjustment and procedure), to stimulate reactions normally associated with the improvement of the skin's appearance by stimulating tissue regeneration and collagen and elastin formation.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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