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You can't talk about waxing and not think about the environmental impacts it causes. There are different methods of depilation, with very different characteristics, and one of them is the amount of waste they generate in the environment. The desire to be hairless is great, but we cannot forget our responsibility with pollution. After all, what's the best way to shave? The blade and wax are two very popular methods, and the laser is the most modern method. Meet each one of them and learn why the laser is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair, both for your skin and for the planet.

Many people do waxing for aesthetics, as they find it more beautiful not to have hair, some to achieve high performance in sports, others for the comfort of having smooth skin. But whatever, what we're going to cover in this post is that, regardless of the reasons why someone chooses to wax, people who do waxing with traditional methods have a lot in common. Unfortunately the feelings and practices these people share are not very nice. If you use traditional waxing methods, check it out and see if you can relate.

Unlike traditional methods of hair removal, laser hair removal is the most sustainable method, as it only discards safety items, such as gloves and mask changed for each client, generating the least amount of waste among the types of hair removal.

Traditional hair removal methods get you in pain

If there's one thing that nobody deserves is to feel pain, a lot of pain then? It's not even spoken. Most traditional hair removal methods cause pain. Wax, for example, is one of the most frightening techniques, as it really causes a lot of pain and discomfort. As much as you do the waxing monthly or weekly, it is difficult to get used to it and not feel tense before starting the procedure. The feeling it gives is that your skin will be ripped off with each pull, right? wow...

Razor Hair Removal

Razor shaving is a popular and easy-to-perform method. The blade cuts the hair close to the skin and therefore does not eliminate the hair completely, only superficially. Its duration is from 1 to 3 days only, having to be constantly redone. Blade friction with skin can hurt, cause redness, allergies and ingrown hair. Also, the blade cannot be used on all areas of the body, such as the upper lip.

The durability of the blades varies, depending on how much you use them. For reasons of hygiene and effectiveness, changing devices is recommended between one to six weeks at the most and the same blade should not be used on all parts of the body, according to the guidelines of Gillette, one of the largest manufacturers of blade depilation in the world. In addition, shaving with a blade causes a great impact on the environment, because even according to Gillette, the blades and handles are not recyclable, turning into garbage.



Waxing – hot or cold – is a method still widely used, both in beauty salons and at home. She removes the hair temporarily and therefore has to be redone every two weeks on average. As the wax has to be pulled out, it is a painful procedure. Also, it tends to darken the skin, cause ingrown hairs and folliculitis. And beware: many places reuse wax from one customer to another, which is not hygienic and can pose health risks.

From the point of view of sustainability, waxing is a model that generates a lot of waste in the environment. Used wax is completely discarded, and reuse is prohibited - both the wax used on the client and any leftovers in pots. In addition, it requires the use of cellophane or a “cloth” for wax removal, and a toothpick or spatula for application. In salons, it is necessary for the professional to wear gloves and a mask and cover the stretcher with a paper sheet, for hygiene and safety reasons. That is, such depilation generates a lot of garbage, both wax and accessories for its application and removal.

Dealing with Irritations, Allergies, and Folliculitis

This is very boring. Irritations and allergies tend to happen to many people who use traditional methods of depilation, especially the blade. Itching, irritation, folliculitis are some not-so-nice results that occur.

Someone else doing your intimate waxing can be embarrassing. As much as shaving is a common habit, many people can't get used to it and feel a lot of shame. The worst thing is that they think they will need to do this for life. But all life is too long, right? So, continue reading because we will talk more about it.

Cut Yourself
Men and women who shave with a razor sometimes suffer cuts. Has it ever happened to you? In a hurry, he went to shave and suddenly, oh! The blade swiped hard and sliced through her skin. Then that cut doesn't stop bleeding, and you who were already in a hurry, start to get irritated with the situation too.

Poorly Done Waxing
Sometimes, when using wax or razor, parts of the shaved area are not shaved well. That is, when you look closely, there are still some lost hairs. Laser hair removal has the benefit of having a very effective technique.

Thinking You'll Do This Forever
This is the worst thread ever. Have you ever thought that you will go through everything we've mentioned so far, forever? It hurts and gets tired just thinking about it. But you will only feel that way if you want to, because today laser hair removal is already an affordable procedure and, in fact, will leave you free of hair. Browse our website, check out our promotions and feel free to visit our online store.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment is the effectively definitive hair removal option. Years after the treatment, maintenance is carried out, but in fact, those who choose this alternative stop worrying about the hair, regardless of the unforeseen.

In addition to the freedom that the laser gives, the skin also appreciates it, since the laser does not cause irritations, spots, ingrown hairs, thickening of the hairs or inflammations like the blade and wax.



Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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