October 17, 2022 4 min read

There are days when we are very stressed and tired, and our first wish is a spa day, right? There's nothing better than spending a day taking care of yourself and, in addition, putting your head in place and relaxing.

I'm sure that's what many women want right now. Amazingly, it can come true. How about separating a day of the week and having a homemade spa day? That's right, all in the comfort of your home.

It's just a few steps to have your SPA at home! Best of all, your whole body feels the benefits of taking this break to focus on the moment. It seems so little, but just by providing a relaxing moment, you can already notice animprovement in concentration, prevent heart disease, reduce stress and promote well-being. That's why we've prepared this guide for you to have your SPA at home

To start the spa day, it's important that you feel comfortable when you wake up, that is, you don't have to wake up early. Wake up whenever you feel like it, so you'll wake up willing. Right after waking up, how about stretching? Or even some yoga positions, whichever you prefer!

First of all, to have a more relaxing feeling, spray eucalyptus in the environment you are in. Therefore, after having stretched the body, the next step is to do a self-massage. So start with the reflexology technique on the feet and hands. It is through the stimulation of points on the hands and feet that the body regulates itself, thus recovering imbalances and improving the immune system.

Prepare your Breakfast

If we're talking about spa days, surely good food couldn't be left out, right? This day is all about pampering yourself, so look for nutritious and detoxifying foods for breakfast. For example: fruit, scrambled eggs, yogurt with granola and chia, orange juice and so on…

At this time, have your breakfast calmly, without the rush that you are used to on normal days. So, you can eat reading a book of your choice, or listening to some music that relaxes you.

Prepare everything you will need

This is a basic checklist, to start the ritual with everything in hand. Here we indicate: sound box (or the cell phone itself), Environment Scent, Vegetable Cream Soap,Bath Oil, candles, skin care products and everything that helps you relax. Check it out a few times and go to the bathroom!

Create a SPA atmosphere at home. Start with the sound. 

Choose a playlist to create the ideal environment for relaxation. There are no rules here: you are the boss! If you need help, you can search for relaxing playlists on Spotify. 

Activate other senses

With the music creating the mood, it's time to spray a little Room Aromatizer to activate your sense of smell and enjoy the effects of the essential oil. Tip: Choose the one that offers the benefit you are currently looking for. 

Total focus on the moment

To focus even more on the rituals, turn off the lights and light candles or smaller lamps. Thus, you get an even more intense feeling of relaxation, as it tells the body that it is time to rest. Remember, it's a spa day! Therefore, it is important that electronic devices are turned off so that you achieve peace of mind. According to studies, social networks are able to increase the level of cortisol in the blood, and thus, you become more anxious and stressed. So no cell phone, tablet and TV.

Time for that good bath! 

Turn on the shower at a pleasant temperature: it can be warmer, yes! So, use the Vegetable Cream Soap of your choice and enjoy every little part of your body while soaping up. And as you rinse, imagine all the weight and stress of the day going down the drain. Remember that your body is a temple and enjoy every second of this bath to celebrate it!

The long bath is used for both a bathtub and a shower. So if you have a bathtub, it's time to make the most of it. So, fill the bathtub with hot water, and don't skimp on foaming or bath salts.

Otherwise, take a long bath in the shower, massaging the scalp and exfoliating the body. A special tip is that, before opening the shower, drip three drops of lavender essential oil on the floor of the shower. So, when you open the shower and the water falls on the floor, you will feel the aroma and it will make you relax.

Hydration during the SPA at home 

The SPA at home is not just about relaxation, right? So let's use a cosmetic to hydrate and care for the skin of the body and get out of the shower even healthier. Here we indicate the Bath Oil, choose Lemongrass if you want an invigorating effect or Lavender to calm the mood even more. 

Hydration is an important process for skin and hair health. So, enjoy your free time and apply a hair mask to your hair, and massage your scalp with circular movements.

Also, for the body, apply a body lotion, such as almond oil, and massage well all over your body. Don't forget to pay special attention to the driest regions, such as shoulders, shins, elbows and knees.

On this special day, you can also give the proper care that your feet and hands deserve.

First, start by doing a foot bath. In this way, take a basin with warm water and throw marbles in its bottom. Then put your feet and keep stepping and rolling on these balls. Thus, it is possible to stimulate the points of the feet mentioned in the second tip of this list.

While you are scalding your feet, pay attention to your hand, removing cuticles and then painting if you like.

Take care of your face skin

Let’s not forget the most important part of your body, your face, give it a relaxing massage with your finger using a special soap for your face, and after that you can give gentle but deep exfoliation with theUltrasonic Facial Cleanser.

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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