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Did you know that our skin is 10 times thinner and more fragile around the eyes? This happens because this region, which we constantly use when laughing, crying and even blinking, has almost no sebaceous glands. This basically means that it needs a little more hydration than the rest of the body.

Now, add all this to the fact that, over the years, the tendency is for our skin to lose some of its elasticity. It's no wonder, then, that "crow's feet" are one of the first signs of aging.

What are crow’s feet?

Do you have crow’s feet? The appearance of wrinkles is a common process of skin aging, but it ends up causing discomfort for many people, especially women. There are several types of these marks on the face, such as those that appear on the forehead, near the mouth (Chinese mustache) and also in the corner of the eyes, better known as the famous crow's feet.

The good news is that, with the right care, it is possible to prevent these lines of expression and, depending on the case, even get rid of them. To clarify how these expression lines arise, we are going to point out the main reasons for these wrinkles and even listed 5 forms of treatment for the problem. Check out!

Crow's feet: How do these wrinkles appear?

Crow's feet are nothing more than those wrinkles that appear in the periocular region - around the eyes. They usually start from the outer corner of the eye towards the forehead, ear and cheek, giving an appearance very similar to a crow's foot. They are stimulated from muscle activity linked to repetitive movements of the face. In addition, they are also associated with the skin aging process.

Some care that can fix crow's feet

 1) Botulinum toxin: the application of this substance is one of the most used to treat expression marks on the upper third of the face, such as crow's feet. The main function of the toxin is to paralyze the local muscles, so that the wrinkles do not deepen further.

2) Antioxidants: topical use of these substances helps to reduce wrinkles. Antioxidants can be based on retinoids, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, among others, and be applied twice a day in the region with light, circular movements.

3) Filling with hyaluronic acid: this technique is used to restore volume in a certain area of ​​the face or attenuate deep furrows - static wrinkles - such as, for example, crow's feet.

4) Chemical peelings: the procedure promotes desquamation and renewal of the dermis, depending on the set of substances used in the technique. With the restructuring of the skin, collagen production is stimulated, which leaves the region firmer and more vibrant, reducing wrinkles.

5) Anti-wrinkles for the eyes: the specific dermocosmetic for the region helps smooth wrinkles, like crow's feet, and regain firmness around the eyes. Bet on products with anti-aging assets.

6) Microdermabrasion
It's a popular, minimally invasive procedure that's great for sensitive areas. It works like this: a mechanical exfoliation of the skin is performed (with small crystals) to eliminate dead and opaque cells from its surface and promote blood circulation in the applied area, making it regenerate faster. There are some tools you can use at home to make microdermabrasion yourself, for example, the SnowySkin Microdermabrasion Rejuvenation Kit is a quick, easy and painless treatment to Remove, Reset and Refine your skin for a completely rejuvenated complexion with a more youthful radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types.
Benefits of Microdermabrasion at home:

Tiny crystals gently exfoliate the skin while the vacuum draws out oily debris and impurities from the skin.

Suction increases blood flow circulation and triggers the skin's natural healing process to boost collagen leaving your skin vibrant, firm and fresh!

Once the top layer of dead, tired skin is removed, skin care products can penetrate 10x deeper by using the derma machine maximizing the beauty products effectiveness.

Over time, expression lines become significantly more discreet, mainly because the skin is always regenerating itself in this area in a safe, healthy and constant way.

7) Fractional lasers are a very popular option among people who want to get rid of lines around their eyes. There are several types of treatment that use this tool as the main way to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, making it firmer and more vibrant. The most common is CO2 and Erbium Yag laser treatment.

8) Microneedling
Microneedling (Dermaroller), as its name implies, uses small needles to make microscopic holes in the skin. This stimulates collagen production, improving the appearance of fine lines and, of course, the texture of the complexion in general.

How to prevent crow's feet as much as possible?

Reducing wrinkles around your eyes can be incredibly easy. The secret is to start early and, of course, consult a dermatologist to find out which are the best options for your skin type.

However, there is no mystery. If you maintain a good skin care routine and adjust your lifestyle to protect your skin, the rest will take care of itself! To learn how to do this, just check out the tips below;

  • Avoid getting too much sun - ultraviolet rays are the number one cause of wrinkles. Therefore, avoid being exposed to the sun for long periods from 10am to 3pm and, of course, never forget to use sunscreen.
  • Bet on creams for the eye area – as it is a delicate region, it needs extra care. Using an appropriate cream for that area and that has anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, for example, can help to visibly reduce "crow's feet".
  • Keep the skincare basics up to date – yes, that means obeying the usual 3 steps (cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection).
  • NEVER sleep with makeup on your face and always wash it before bed (after all, throughout the day, we come into contact with various polluting factors such as pollution, sweat, etc.).
  • In addition, keep your appointments with the dermatologist up to date, take care of yourself and see you next time!



Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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