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Laser hair removal is one of the most sought-after and satisfying techniques for those who like to have hair-free skin that looks beautiful and well-groomed. This is because, unlike other techniques for the same purpose, laser hair removal fulfills its purpose and the hair does not grow back.

In addition, what differs the types of depilation is the mechanism of action of each one. This same reason also interferes with the time the fur grows back.

Today, our focus will be on laser hair removal, as it is very important that you know what happens to the hair after hair removal and the myths surrounding this treatment. After that you will be able to choose the method with true security, knowledge and peace of mind.


You know those annoying hairs in the groin area, armpits, legs, face, back, etc? Know that laser hair removal is the most effective method to end them.

The reach of the light beam, the number of sessions, the “discomfort” and the result may vary according to the type of laser. The diode laser, for example, eliminates more than 90% of the hairs in the treated region in a few sessions.

Sessions are very smooth. The professional will carry out an evaluation of the area to be depilated, give you information and care that will last throughout the process and then the laser depilation session will begin.

The specialist will clean the area to remove any oil or cosmetic residue. If you deem it necessary, she will also remove the hair in the area with a razor. This will make the laser work only on the hair bulb.

After these important initial steps, she uses a laser device that will emit a beam of light in wavelength. This beam of light, or laser, generates heat and energy to target a spot called the hair bulb. You can also choose to do the hair removal at home using a laser device.

The bulb is nothing more than the root of the thread, once that energy reaches it, the place is damaged so that the continuous sessions will eliminate once and for all the hair in the region in question.

After depilation, experts recommend cooling the skin with gel or even some ice..


To understand how the hair behaves after laser hair removal, there is nothing better than knowing the hair growth cycle. Let's go:

The hair growth phase is divided into 3 stages and the definition is given by the contact of the hair with the follicle.

The first phase is anagen, characterized by full contact between the hair root and its follicle.

The second phase is catagen, where there is no longer full contact between the hair root and its follicle. This means that there is also no cell activity that makes it possible for the thread to grow.

The last phase is the telogen phase, this is the phase where the hair begins to fall and a new one pushes it out of the bulb.

Considering these steps, it is easy to see that the best phase for laser action is anagen, where the laser will act on the root of the problem.

Especially because of the entire mechanism of action of the laser machine, which consists of shooting beams of light that are attracted by the melanin in the fur.

While in the other phases the thread is not in contact with the root, in the first phase you have the guarantee that the heat will really be sent to the follicle, which is the real target of destruction.

In summary, once the energy/heat reaches the hair follicle, it loses the nutrition channel and the root loses the possibility to grow new hairs.


 By now you should know that hair doesn't grow back after laser hair removal, right?
In other words, everything happens: you feel more comfortable with certain clothes, you are satisfied with your smooth skin, you put new necklines into play, you prepare for a single annual maintenance.

Grow hair again? That definitely won't happen! You just need to make sure that – in fact – you are having a procedure that uses laser hair removal technology.

Especially if you and the professionals involved do everything right.

However, there is a possibility that 15 days after the depilation process, the hair will become loose and start to fall out. This can create a false appearance of growth, but don't worry: you can easily remove the strands in the bath or during a skin scrub.

Between sessions, you must respect the established time, as not all the hair on your body will be in the same phase of the growth cycle. This means that to ensure that the thread is reached in the anagen phase, it will take more than one session and an adequate period of time.

So after laser hair removal you have the full removal of hair.


The effectiveness of laser hair removal devices is valid until external agents do nothing to prevent their action. Sometimes, those who act as external agents are the professionals themselves.

Another factor that occurs with a small portion of the population is the return of hair due to totipotent cells. They may grow a new hair, but in the rare cases where this happens, annual maintenance can take care of the situation.

Some people still suffer from hormonal changes that can disrupt the definitive action of the laser. These changes are usually related to discontinuing the use of contraceptives or pregnancy. This change causes the return of part of the hair eliminated during the process.

The continuity of the process is capable of eliminating this small amount. That's why it's important not to suspend sessions prematurely. However, the total discontinuation of treatment should be done in case of pregnancy.

Finally, you must be careful when reconciling the treatment with the other aesthetic processes you want to do.

For example, the use of acids for lightening purposes is prohibited as it alters the effectiveness of depilation. The same goes for those who take vitamins or medicines for hair growth.

The medicine generally used to grow the hair on the head and strengthen the nails, are non-focal and stimulate the growth of hair all over the body.



 Do everything you can to ensure that laser hair removal has a permanent result. Start by following all the indications of professionals specialized in the area.

Among the most common recommendations are:

Avoid sun exposure before laser hair removal: Before the sessions, you should deprive yourself of the sun for a few days, but don't worry, this is just so that at the end of the process you can enjoy the sun without strings attached! Not sunbathing during the week of the session is essential care for you to achieve the desired result. By avoiding exposure, you prevent your skin from becoming more sensitive, less hydrated and more prone to blemishes.

Avoid sun exposure after laser hair removal: The reasons are the same as those mentioned above. Even if it is delicious, in this context sun exposure becomes more of an aggression to the skin, mainly because it will already be more sensitive after the treatment and more prone to burns.

Wear light clothes: As you already know, your skin will be more sensitive. Light clothing will be kinder to your skin while jeans and other heavier materials will cause unwanted chafing at the moment.
Surely you already feel more prepared to perform your laser waxing, don't you?

Evelyn Setubal
Evelyn Setubal

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